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Can you text and drive?


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Just today I was almost hit head-on by a guy texting. I was in the center lane waiting for traffic to clear and this guy veered into the turning lane coming right at me heading the opposite direction...texting. He was holding the phone with both hands with his wrists propped on top of the steering wheel. Just at the last second, I guess he heard my horn over the fricken Conway Twitty and jerked the truck over just enough to avoid slamming into me. It would have been bad...F250 @ 50mph vs. Honda Fit :angry:

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I Hate people who text and drive!! I dont know how many times ive almost been hit by people who are texting. The other day I was in my jeep and the person behind me was texting and driving and riding my a**. I tapped the brakes a few times and they kept texting so I proceded to apply the brakes a bit more firmly and they met the back of my jeep. Also my jeep is lifted 5 inches and sits on 33" tires so my trailer hitch went right into their hood :) They got out after we pulled over and asked me why I hit my brakes and I asked them why they were texting and riding my a**. After I said that they had no comment :)

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