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  1. A recent photo of the engine. It needs a lot of clean-up, wire tucking, etc. but it runs and drives reasonably well given my novice tuning abilities. I need to fix a few things that are bugging me before I get it professionally tuned like reasonably sized catch cans and a better IAC solution. The current IAC setup works ok at idle but turns into is a leak when the turbo spools up, slowing boost response.
  2. I answered your question in your other thread: FYI, it's easy to find answers to your questions, as they have been asked and answered hundreds of times the the past. In a Google search type in the following. 1983 280zx crank sensor site:hybridz.org The key is following your search terms with "site:hybridz.org" to restrict the search to Hybridz.org. Good luck and happy searching!
  3. It has a sensor located in the distributor. I would install the fuel management system that you or your tuner are most familiar with.
  4. It would be useful to post up the year of the car and whether it is stock or not. Assuming it's stock, there are significant differences between late and early 280z models and each have common problems. Also, tell us about the current situation so we can help diagnose.... Did you verify that the injectors are not getting 12v while cranking? Was it running previously and just suddenly stop? Has the car been sitting for a long time? Have you done an in depth search of this site. The best way I have found to do it is to use your friend Google: "stock injectors not firing site:hybridz.org" In a Google search follow your search terms with "site:hybridz.org" and it will focus on this site.
  5. I love the stainless surrounds around the tips. Did you custom make those?
  6. Congrats! Sounds like it's a pretty well sorted car! How well did it hold up to the other cars? I love the e30, my favorite beemer.
  7. Great thread and keep it coming! I went to my first drift event, Lone Star Drift this past Saturday with my 16 yo son. We had a great time. I was surprised how many Zs were there. There were mostly 350z, but there were a few S130 and Z31s in the mix.
  8. Been driving the car around a bit. I finally got the idle tuned good enough the it doesn't die every time I let off the throttle, lol! Does anybody know of a good resource for tuning "modern" efi, specifically a system similar to Wolf v500? Seems like Haltec is similar since the owners of both companies used to be partners at Haltech, at least that's what I remember from internet folklore.
  9. It's a beauty! It's probably the most tastefully modded cars I've ever seen seen. Well done sir!
  10. This my friend is how we learn I've made many and I'm sure, despite my best efforts will continue to do so. I have the same setup but haven't noticed a dead zone, but it was about 10 years ago when I installed the zx master cylinder and I don't recall what I did regarding the push rod. I'll take note next time I drive the car. I DID make the mistake of keeping the 7" brake booster. It takes quite a bit of force on the petal to stop the car quickly. Should have upgraded while I was at it... Cheers, Ross
  11. Love the attention to detail! I will be doing this someday too. Right now I'm running the dim as hell stock lights.
  12. Dirty as hell but this is the car as it sits now.
  13. Thanks! I can't remember if I listed out all the mods I've done over the past 3.5 years, but here they are: 1) Baddog floor pans and frame rails 2) zfever aluminum fuel tank 3) relocated fuel pump 4) Techno Toy Tuning rear LCAs 5) Custom (HZ group buy) rear Wilwood Arizona Zcar Rear disk setup) with Wilwood parking brake calipers and custom parking brake cable 6) S2k seats with custom seat mounts 7) Six additional Speedhut 2-5/8" Revolution gauges, now 8 total including speedo and tach 8. New replacement vinyl kit. Purchased an MSA full carpet kit but didn't like the quality. 9. Removed the rear bumper to straighten but realized it's too far gone. 10. Rewired the fuel system, mounted to the firewall now (instead of a cutting board 😄) 11. Removed the PCV plumbing that was choking off the block vent. Simple k&n filters now but will replace with proper catch cans soon 12. Had the cam repolished by isky and installed new Nissan rockers and lash pads. The previously installed, resurfaced rockers started spalling. 13. New battery 14. Vintage Air AC because Houston. Tired of sweaty back 😅 15. New Rota 16 inch wheels to fit over my new rear parking brake calipers - now with proper offset 16. Replaced 6 puck sintered iron clutch disk with an organic. I think it may already be slipping 😣 18. Replaced the passenger side axle CV shaft boot. I believe the stock lca was hitting it. 19. Installed new Techno Toy Tuning mustache bar. I believe the 280z one I had previously was allowing the diff to rotate enough to allow the cv axle boot to contact the rear lca. 20. I'm sure there is more, but that's all I can remember! On the short list... 1. Proper catch cans 2. "Racing" side mirror fix. Both flop around...worse now that I tried to simply tighten the ball clamp down 3. Four wheel alignment 4. New shifter in inner bellows using Miata bellows. 5. Dynamat 6. Actually install vinyl and carpet 7. It never ends! 😁 Thanks for looking!
  14. Yes it has! A little over 3.5 years if I remember correctly.
  15. The car is finally running and I've broken in the cam properly, running the engine at 2 - 3k rpm for 30 minutes. I am using Brad Penn (PennGrade) 30 wt. break-in oil. At 100 miles I'll switch to PennGrade 10w-40 or the oil combo that Rebello recommended. These were taken just after the 30 min break-in cycle:
  16. It's finally running again! https://photos.app.goo.gl/5yo7SPSUCJrKMGWd9 The video was shot after running the engine for 30min @ 2 - 3K rpm to break in the re-polished cam and new Nissan rockers. My cam and rocker saga is detailed here:
  17. Hi Gordon, Yep, Black Dragon stopped selling zcar parts some time ago. Motorsport Auto is a good one with an online store. For high performance parts check out Techno Toy Tuning and Arizona Zcar. There are others but those are ones I've purchased from in the past. Cheers, Ross
  18. Oh, and you're doing a PHENOMENAL job on the car! Mad skillz!
  19. Like every friggin' job I do on the car and otherwise! Oh this will only take an hour or two...6 hours later I'm still plugging away. No wonder I don't have any hair left! 🤣
  20. Did you give the shop a sketch of what you wanted them to do? I find that verbal and even written text instructions get screwed up or lost in translation. I would make a quick sketch of the stock and modified version and write "WAS (stock)" and "IS (modified)" by each sketch. That way it's clear what you want and if they screw that up then there REALLY is no excuse and it is easy to point to the requirements (dimensions) on the sketch.
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