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HendoZ, 1uzfe/6mt 240z

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Not a problem, on my Z when I did my RB20 swap, I pulled switch power from the ignition switch.  However, since you are combining three of them you may want to run an external relay.  


I would run the relay out to engine bay, and tap a wire from the ignition switch to the relay.


So relay wiring would be:


85 -> ground

86 -> Ignition switch

87-> Battery

30-> Three wires from EB2 and IJ1


The start harness will be coming from the factory lower harness.  Keep in mind the factory lower harness has the oil pressure, starter signal and something else important in there (I think the water temp?).  So you'll swap over your oil pressure sensor to the UZ's location.  And the starter signal will go to Black wire on EB2.  This of course is from my 280Z, I don't know how it be different it will be on your chassis.


Also, on my car the fuel pump wiring was under the passenger seat.  You'll have to find the fuel pump wiring and wire up a relay there too.  If I remember correctly the ECU should output a GROUND signal.  So you're relay will be pinned out the same with the exception of 85 and 86.  85 will be switch 12v or constant 12v and 86 will be from the ECU, and 30 will go to fuel pump power.


That's how I would do anyway, in theory this should fire up.  However I have to put a disclaimer that you'll want to verify my work, and if your car or yourself has damages then it's all on you.





Okay, I looked at a few things I have from when I did the swap.




First save this image, you'll need the plugs EB1, EB2, and and IJ2.


To get the car to run:

You need switched power to EB2. This is a black and orange wire.

You need switched power to EB2. This is a black and red wire

You need switched power to IJ2. This is a black and orange wire.


You need constant power to EB1. This is a black and yellow wire



To start you need to supply "start" power to EB2(1) which is a black wire.


This information is both from SuperRunner (whom I got the flywheel for) and Chambers from supramania.  


This will get the car to run, you'll have to figure out the fuel pump wiring though.


On the SC400 it uses a fuel pump ecu to power the fuel pump.  So pretty much use the ECU output to a relay, and fuel pump power.  That should be to get the car up and running.

I know there hasn't been  any updates lately. Sorry.  Any way I'm tackling wiring this week. plannin to have a start up by the weekend! OH and Many thanks to Ihiryu!

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So you used MKIII 1uz swap mounts.  So does that mean you no longer have a rubber isolator?


Next how did you do the transmission mounts?

Correct. the swap mounts do have a bit of very rigid plastic between the mount and cross-member isolaters. and i fabricated a trans mount. ill have to take pictures of the trans mount.

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