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where to find coil springs that fit a 280z

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hey guys, so the guy i bought my z from had some ugly body kit on it, the bulky fiberglass one. well i took that off and replaced it with the msa poly one http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l276/meat164colgs/Z141.jpg . well when i did this it made my front end rise almost a full inch. i dont have money to spend on quality coil overs but i want to try and buy some cheep coils that fit a 280 and slightly cut them. i know this is stupid and un-recommended  but it will be temporary its all i can do right now. i will eventually go to ground control.  

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I run cut springs on my car...it's not a big deal. Just be sure you understand fully what you are doing and how you are doing it. Take the spring off the car, measure the length, diameter, and number of coils, and calculate the current spring rate. Then figure how much you need to drop it, check to see that you have enough suspension travel before you cut them, and then figure your new spring rate and length.


I am running 1982 Chevy Chevette Diesel front springs on all four corners, trimmed to provide the ride height that I desire. These are a much higher spring rate than stock and will provide a ride that borders on harsh when using the stock struts.


What's wrong with the multitude of aftermarket springs out there? They're not expensive.

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