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Holset HX35w install


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Well the time has come to swap my stock T3 with the holset i had kicking around


I've re-drilled the mounting holes on the turbo, broke a few drill bits but surprised how easy it was to drill


Ive read that some guys needed to put a spacer to clear the manifold.. looks like mine is fine. its tight but it clears 


fabricating the waste gate actuator from the T3 to fit on the holset...then i ran out of steam for the day when i couldnt find a part i just had hehe 




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B. whisky

the welds on the manifold are because i needed to straighten it a whole back, i cut it and bent it back " i knew someone would pick up on that"



I might have a friend with an extra external waste gate lying around, I wont fully install until i have confirmed with him. I really want to run a screamer pipe, they sound amazing. I guess the HX35w is a little different. I have an HX40 as well but havent test fit it.



Thats what im looking for, i pulled everything apart to fix exhaust leaks but found the T3 had to much shaft play. Time to swap the turbo i had in storage for  the last couple years... I know you have had a few different set ups but do you remember the difference in spool time to the T3?  Also do you have an old Map for the Holset :wink: Im running megasquirt as well.

Been following your builds love your RB30



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well after doing some hunting for a vband that will fit my HX35W and not finding a good solution. I measured my HX40 to find that the Vband is 3" !! i have a 3"vband that fits this :-)

Im going to install the HX40 so i can simplify my exhaust lay out

A little pissed since i have everthing together and running


Silver lining though is that the shaft play on the HX40 is allot tighter than the 35


besides being a higher number are there any benifits or dissadvatages between these 2 turbos?



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well, good news and bad news


Good news is i got my exhaust complete and my car running with the new turbo. 


bad news is it makes 20 psi, maybe more because i let off the throttle. 


I have my waste gate hooked up to the top of the waste gate, its a tail external  


I have a 7lbs spring in it but its way beyond 7 psi...  any tips? here are some pics





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Just found that as well

thanks for the quick reply, just took it for a drive and she makes about 8 psi

and the screamer pipe sound pretty sick!

once I figure out my wideband O2 then ill put the 15psi spring in :-)  


Its funny how i can go from completely gutted too super happy in just mear moments

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