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  1. Very rough street tune, I need to go back to the dyno. I fixed a big boost leak from my last dyno visit it's a different sort of beast now
  2. And I didn't fall!! Ice was thick, almost all gone now
  3. Thanks guys, it's very "go-cart" like
  4. I don't know what I'd do in that situation...I'd be devastated. So sorry man
  5. http://youtu.be/OfZtSNsKoZ4
  6. I've tried and tried to link this right, but my PC skills have failed me yet again? this is the best i could do http://youtu.be/We87zKtdo0g
  7. The only thing I like about this 280z, IS THE COLOR!! Tony's right! 280z all day long
  8. The Holset feels really good compared to the stock T3, looking good
  9. I saw that weeks ago, to much $$$ or I'd be interested
  10. It was super hot and overheated at that point
  11. 39-40lbs fuel at idle, I think it was 55-56lbs at full boost
  12. Yeah 11.5 is spot on, gt35r has the .82 hot side, duel ball bearing....that's about all I know or can remember lol Since that video I am now at 18° With an AFR of about 11.5 to 11.8 at WOT. It's just hard to tune the extreme top end on the street so I don't notice I have much of a problem until I strap it to the dyno
  13. 11.1-11.6 at the top. The more I'm playing with timing, I'm having to ad a little fuel to keep under 12
  14. Try a continuity test from the plug at the thermostat to the plug on the gauge there could possibly be a break in the wire after removing the intake manifold. I've also had this happen on my 78 but it always seems to be at the thermostat I will wiggle it unplug it and plug it back in and eventually it will start working again
  15. Needs lots of up top tuning, but i feel good about the possibilities. My tach still Doesn't work I've purchased three tach adapters, Dakota digital 2 MSD's still can't get it to work. Also I need to input my wideband to the haltech so I can make proper datalogs Posted from my phone, I hope it works.
  16. Man that was to easy, I had to heat that sucker up and beat the tar out if it before it would budge
  17. This sat night 3-16-13 at Alamo in Arlington cowtown Z car club is having a Dyno night/pizza party 6pm I think?. I plan to be there if anyone close wants to see what the rb30 is putting down
  18. I replied before I had an rb, and now I have an rb30
  19. Glad to hear he's getting better, and getting his stuff together. Everyone needs a second chance, although I'm not giving him one
  20. I'm 6'3" And had to cut out the seat rail things? mine are mounted to the flat floor so my head doesn't touch
  21. This happened to me, it was a cracked diaphragm in my FPR, It sat long enough it had dried out......It sucked fuel up the vacuum line, past the cracked diaphragm, to the intake.
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