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Type 2 body kit, anyone build in collision protection?


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Pretty much like everybody else I pulled my stock battle bumpers off the car forever ago. I want to get the type 2 set front and rear.


Have any of you built a "structure" of some kind under a fiberglass bumper for protection?


Seems like shortened bumper mounts and a pipe under the pretty new "bumpers"/body kit would be better than nothing. 


I just hate to think of my car being trash from a rear end accident.


How much space is behind/under the kit when it's installed?


Any ideas?





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alot of the drifter guys build "bash bars"





They tuck in under the bodykits and suppport them.  Ive seen a picture where a guy was standing on the fiberglass lip portion of the bodykit with the bash bar support underneath, generally the bodykit would break but the supports made it strong enough to stand on. 

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I did something like that several years ago.  It fit behind my MSA Type 3 air dam very nicely.


I used the original bumper mounts but removed the strut portions and they even work as I had a minor run in with another car and the air dam was not really damaged.  But the light bucket did not survive!



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