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  1. My wife had said when I got promoted again I could get a new superduty. Well, I found used DB 7's that cost less the the new truck...
  2. That idle adjustment is a pretty good sized bolt with a spring on it. You could try that, but I've read lots of places that you shouldn't ever need to touch it unless someone already fiddled with it. I'd look more into what parameters change when the temp sensor decides the engine is warmed up vs cold...but that's just me.
  3. I think for affordable, I would go used Cayman or even a BRZ with a supercharger. Great choices above! I love those old cars, but I don't know if I love the looks of the s2000.
  4. So of course this is a just for fun question, and of course we're all Z guys or we wouldn't be on here, so many will probably say they wouldn't change cars. However, if you were to buy a different sports car than your Z what would you consider an upgrade? Z cars are regarded as one of the best sports cars ever(within normal reach) I was just reading that a 70s Z will beat out it's contemporaries; Mustangs, Porsche 924, and has a higher top end than a 911t. For newer cars there are a lot of options of course, M3, gt86, hell- a focus is faster and handles better! So what would you get? I was thinking it would be a Porsche 911, but then again it would cost a bit more money. An E-Type would be awesome, but I don't know it's actually better performance and they cost a lot. What do you think?
  5. Oh yeah sorry. I'm using the zx ecu, mass air, etc. My motor would run on a stand by itself with a battery, fuel pump and gas can. Didn't splice into the stock harness at all.
  6. It's super easy. I have a zx na motor in my 76 right now. Didn't even disconnect the harness from the motor when I pulled it. 2 wires go to hot power and run the ecu plug through the firewall. I could double check mine tomorrow if your still having troubles finding the info.
  7. In case anyone is wondering, here's a plan update. I'd hate to come home in 4 to 7 years to a rusted out, seized up hunk of scape metal. It might not be after being stored in a trailer, but there's a good chance. I'm about at the point of "if you love her, let her go" I would rather see a Z guy get it, or somebody wanting to get into a drivable project, than see it require a 100% teardown, or worse a crusher. With all the parts I have it would fill a 2 car garage with the car. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'll try to comment on some of the posts. As far as spring my car, I'd be keeping it in a car trailer on a farm. No security worries, or family moving from the place. I'd just drain the gas, oil the cylinders, etc. Not going to even ask to have it started or anything like that. Maybe just check that the trailer is still water tight every once in awhile. No way this car is going to Europe. We have a family vehicle that were shipping. I wish it was nice enough to get good money after shipping, but I don't really see that happening. In one way I see storing it away, coming back in a few years, put in some fresh gas, new battery and oil, and go for a drive. However, I know that's not the way it works. Hell, I left my old 720 4x4 for 10 months and it was never the same ( and it's long since sold btw) As much as I want to keep it for all the above reasons, I'd hate to come back and find a rusted out she'll with a seized motor and bad everything else. I sort of feel it's unfair to the car, and that someone should enjoy it and keep it from turning to dust. ( i.e. sell it to somebody who appreciates a Z car) If you know anyone in the midwest that's into Z's, let me know. Might make the choice easier. I'll keep you posted.
  9. High all! It pains me to have this discussion, but the time has come to make a big choice. I've had my 76 280z for the past 12 years and love it. It's got very minor rust, nos front clip (dealer found me fenders and a hood in different warehouses), runs and drives well(81 motor, have not replaced all the suspension yet, just some bushings and brakes), but the interior is a dash, console, and some roached seats. 95,000 miles original. The body is flat spray paint as I've done some body work, but what it needs still really isn't bad. Mostly some dents and pinhole rust in the rockers and floor, and a paint job. Here's my question: I have orders to Germany, four years overseas. We're excited to go, but I'm not sure what to do with my car. I'm not taking it and the garage full of parts, so I need to decide to store it or sell it. I know I'd be lucky to get 2k-2.5k out of it with the extras. I honestly don't have a lot into it, but it's a sentimental thing. I've spent a lot of time in and working on this car, before my family, with the kids, etc. Of course I love driving it. I'm just wondering what you guys would do? I have a line on a 24ft car trailer that needs some work for about 2k, and a free place to store it for four + years. From a hassle standpoint it would be nice to just sell everything. From a $$ stand point the 2.5k car, 2k + trailer, I think I could buy a real nice Z when I get back in the states. 4 to 6-7k would make for a real nice Z. My decision really comes down to the emotional value of this thing to me. I grew up in Z cars, my kids have grown up in this one. I DO NOT get attached to cars/trucks, except this one. It's really messing with me. My truck of 9 years is an easy sell. What would you guys do? I'm trying to make a rational choice. But that would be selling it. At the same time I'd love to have it when I get back. Storing cars is never good for them, but it would be in an enclosed trailer. Thoughts?? I know you're not making a choice for me, but it's nice to hear from other z guys. Thanks, Brian
  10. I know this was from may, so sorry about bumping it but figured id chime in. I dipped the mirrors, door handles, and gas door on my truck as an experiment before last winter. The black hasn't faded, it pealed right off the gas door a couple months ago after a year plus. The only place it started pealing on its own is tbe driver door handle edge i pull on everyday. 15+ years ago, when it was still used fortool handles, we did boat cleats and a couple other parts with no issues. Quite a few guys at work have done emblems, grills, hoods, and spoilers with no issues. Now my wife wants to dip her routan van (flat black, pink wheels and trim) and im thinking of doing my truck. My opinion is it works, at least when done right. Hope it helps.
  11. Saw nobody giving input so my .02 Mine currently is basically hotwired too. I have a relay powered from a ignition on source. Ive been meaning to change it since the point of the stock setup is to kill the pump if the engine dies. Stock looks like its on when the engine cranks and has a holding circuit powered by the alt. Id just find a wire thats only hot with the engine running. I should get on it too, been driving as a self fulling fire for about seven years now...but it works!
  12. I can tell you I ran manual brakes on the street for a couple years. Mostly because my my booster went out so i just capped the vacuum line. Stock brakes it worked just fine. Very solid pedal and you can feel everything. The brakes still lock if you want to, and the right foot anti-lock is pretty easy to do. I liked the feel of manual everything driving an old sports car. Seems "right" Careful the first drive after you run a booster again though! It feels a bit sensitive!
  13. Pretty much like everybody else I pulled my stock battle bumpers off the car forever ago. I want to get the type 2 set front and rear. Have any of you built a "structure" of some kind under a fiberglass bumper for protection? Seems like shortened bumper mounts and a pipe under the pretty new "bumpers"/body kit would be better than nothing. I just hate to think of my car being trash from a rear end accident. How much space is behind/under the kit when it's installed? Any ideas? Thanks, Brian
  14. This may sound a bit odd here on HybridZ and I get it. Just thought you guys may find it entertaining if nothing else... So I have a 76 280 I bought stock, running and driving in 04 with 90,000 (and ran like it). It was ugly but ran well. $650 BTW After a year or so I blew a head gasket. Instead of just fixing it I got talked into a head swap. It took forever, car sat apart for a year, never did run right. I came across a 83zx turbo that a guy wanted to sell the running motor and trans out of. Great op right? Installed, had electrical issues. Only got to drive it a couple times and it was a blast! Then the turbo crapped out.... At the time I NEEDED the car for work. I never owned a turbo car before and didn't recognize the symptoms, I just new it ran like ass and burned a ton of oil. Well, there was a 78 parts car I had picked up not running and rusted out for $100. See where this is going:-) I'm an electrician and quickly found the issues that kept the 78's p/o from starting the car. Its was running and that engine went into my 76. It ran "Ok" but it got me to work. At this point I had gotten VERY good at engine swaps! Used this setup until a couple years ago when it starting burning coolant. The parts car had unknown miles, sat for unknown years, and was to be used an unknown amount of time. During all this I had been (still am) active duty USAF, got married, had 3 kids, and moved 4 times! I have always had the ideas of this engine swap, that suspension, this paint color, that interior etc. You cant really get to any of that with a car that doesn't always run right though... 2 years ago I almost sold the 76. The turbo engine was gone, 2nd gear was out and the 78 motor had crapped out. I had given up trying to get it running, tires were shot and motivation all but lost. I was perusing craigslist one day and found a 81zx n/a rusted out but running, new tires and a blown diff (wish that 3.9 had been good still!) a few hundred $$'s and it was home. When I opened the hood it looked COMPLETELY stock, ran great, but oil kept pumping out the side. Quick oil psi gauge swap and GTG! Transmission wasn't great but oh well. I transplanted the 81 engine complete with all the emissions, wiring, egr, the works. Didn't even disconnect the stuff. I had a good 4 speed with extra clutch so I bolted that up. Swapped the 81 wheels with the new tires onto my car and gutted the junked the rusty shell. May will be 2 years since I put that motor in the car. There are currently no performance mods on my poor 76 except some new bushings. Dead stock motor, old 4 speed, old suspension, plain zx 14in rubber, spray semi-flat black paint, worn out seats and no interior except a dash, seats and a console. no door panels, carpet, trim, etc. The point to this rambling? I don't think I've ever been happier with my car! Its pretty slow compared to the turbo motor, the trans isn't right for highway driving, the seats are shot, its loud, smells (like a Z) rattles like crazy. However, it starts every day - 30 degrees or 105 and gets decent mpg. Its still so much fun to drive and gets a crazy amount of attention. I drive it everywhere as long as its not raining or snowing outside all year. Work, store, whatever. The kids fight over who gets to ride in "Daddy's Race Car" hahaha Don't get me wrong, I still want 300 hp, a killer paint job, coil overs, etc....eventually. For now- I CAN DRIVE MY CAR! and sometimes that's enough. If you made it this far you either are bored, laughing at me, or understand. Thanks. I just felt like telling some people that might understand. -Brian
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