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Weight after RB swap


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Hi guys I've seen weight for the engines and weights for cars and various pieces but just wondering if anyone has actually ever weighed their car post RB conversion with all of the other changes like exhaust, brakes etc that usually go along with a swap. Ideally would love to see independent wheel weights but I know that might be pushing it. If you have can you post weights and general idea of aftermarket parts.


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Would be interesting to hear a few different weights of RB setup cars. Both stripped out cars and road cars with interior.



I'm upgading my car for an RB, haven't gained any weight yet, front brakes - slightly lighter, coilover suspension - lighter, neater battery - lighter, unessessary braket removal - lighter, custom fuel tank with pump - lighter, will be taking my rear brake and u-joint shafts off later this week, hopefully thier upgrades won't add much weight.

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I've done two for customers.  The cars were not complete when they left (no interiors except for driver's seat and dash) but most everything else was there.  One was 2,610 when done and the other was 2,655.  Both were early model year 1972s.  I estimate they gained about 300 lbs. from the RB swap which included a R200, CVs, 17" wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes, and sway bars all around for both cars.

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