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  1. Still going, life got in the way but nearing completion. Just finishing up interior wiring then to lay carpet and all the small fun things then to get it to dyno to tune. Will probably do a follow up vid in a couple months.
  2. Hey guys Sorry been real busy otherwise. Started engine but TPS sensor was dying/dead so couldn't really rev out but at least it turns over, so just waiting on the sensor and should be able to get a proper test done. Alot of people have been asking me about the gauges, so fyi here are the ones I have, they are customized but this will give you the part numbers at least and sizes... GRS-WTR-01 2-5/8" Water Temp Gauge 120-260F GR4.5-TACH 4-1/2" Tachometer Gauge 10K RPM GR4.5--SF-03T 4-1/2" Dual Gauge - 160mph Speedometer GR258-OIL-04 2-5/8" Oil Pressure
  3. Couple more pics. Engine was swung over on starter and getting 30psi oil pressure at 200rpm so should be good for a full start. Had to get starter rebuilt because it was literally the only thing I hadn't changed and as luck would have it, it was dead. Just gotta sort out why the ecu is not sending a signal to the fuel pumps.
  4. Hey everyone, searched but on my phone couldn't find anything listed. Hoping someone can tell me the length for the water pump and alternator belt they used on their RB engine. No power steering or a/c. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. More recent back pic with exhaust mounted.
  6. Thanks guys. I like it also, plus it's different which is what I was going for.
  7. My '77 280z with RB26. Still a work in progress. More pics on instagram @redlineimports
  8. FInally got the engine in. Not the best quality pic just a shot with my phone. Now gotta clean up everything and work on the custom oil catch can and couple other parts as well as run piping.
  9. I have the obx pipes. They seems o be good quality although I haven't actually run the engine yet but the build quality looks good especially comparing the price to the tomeis. My build is in this section also. You should find a pic or two of them there.
  10. I took some pics today and some measurements. Wil try and get them off and uploaded tomorrow for you.
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