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  1. Nice, I'll hoping to go for some SSR Watanabe RS8 wheels on mine. Hopefully they clear as my current Rota RBRs do not. Nice choice of wheel, don't think I've seen that fitted to many S30s. +10 is a better offset, mine clear fine, but its close. Think I may have a small amount of leeway, so might try and move the new wheels out 5mm as I want to run 8.5" on the rear.
  2. Still enjoying your work on this build. That engine looks great in the bay. I'm sure its not problem where you live like it is in my country, but I see you have a lot of bare metal still, is it not worth giving it a quick coat of epoxy primer to prevent any flash rust from forming?
  3. Did your wheels fit over the hubs without spacers? I'm struggling to find a wheel with a centrebore big enough to fit mine, not impressed.
  4. EF Ian

    Wheels and offset

    Depends what you want. I like 16s and can confirm that with narrow coilover conversion RBR 16x8 +10 fit with stock arches and 225 tyres, anything that brings the wheel further to the outside of the car than this could potentially lead to the need to run 215s although you may get way with a 0 offset. Usually more choice in 15" by the way but I prefer 16" and need it to clear my brakes. Good tip, don't use the forum search, use google using hybridz.org at the start, always gets better results. I searched when I was a newbie and it took a lot of time, but the answers are there. Just make sure to check more than 1 source, ideally more than two.
  5. With me trying to decide what Blue to paint my Z in I quite like the blue used on the JDM Legends car, does anybody know which colour they used? http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1973-datsun-240z-restoration-refined/
  6. EF Ian

    JDM Legends paint colour

    Especially on lighter blue cars, I can show you 10 photos of mine where the colour look different. Same for all the colours I'm looking at, same colour looks great in most cases then theres always a few photos where it look very different. Only way to tell is to see it in person. At the moment I'm going for a sample of Datsun 903 Metallic Blue, 072 Blue and Aston Martin Ming blue.
  7. EF Ian

    JDM Legends paint colour

    It could be, but to my eyes Cobalt blue is a lighter/brighter blue than this.
  8. Yes, mine were all bonded on very poorly, almost like an afterthought. Hopefully the JB weld holds up.
  9. None, but then my car is almost always dry weather only.
  10. The kits are almost exactly the same so for the sake of simplicity I would just order them all from T3. The AZC kit is however also available with a larger rotor and also have a 6 pot option. However I can't see the need for it, my Z is 500hp and the standard size rotors with 4 pot calipers have been absolutely fantastic so far. I don't run either rear kit on mine because to pass the yearly test here I need a proper parking hand brake, while there are some small kits available to go alongside the 4 pot rears I decided if I am going to have a handbrake it might as well be really strong so I can use it for drifting. I am running Mustang GT calipers on the rear of mine.
  11. Yet more good work. My Retro spec tail light trims looked great but the mounting tabs were barely on there and at least half came off when attaching, I think I shall be scrapping them and just carbon skiining my original panels myself. They will look as good but be strong, won't be as light, but we are taking grams here so it doesn't matter. Hope your fare better.
  12. EF Ian

    Z Car weights

    I'm just lucky I was born with a body that just burns fat, that with an active job all day and at least 5 days a week training mean it tends to stay low despite me having to eat a lot due to the training.
  13. Nice job on the headlight buckets, got the same to do on mine. Parts info may be handy so thanks for that.
  14. EF Ian

    Z Car weights

    Its hard to find time for exercise, but if you can you will definitely feel better because of it, both physically and mentally, with the added bonus of making your car quicker. I usually manage 5 days a week but the only time I can fit it during the week is a 8pm.
  15. EF Ian

    1978 Datsun 280Z RB25 Restomod

    Dealing with suppliers/vendors/businesses was the most stressful part of my build. Especially when you are dealing with the useless ones.
  16. EF Ian

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    Note to self - Must remember to reconnect all lines to my heater when I install it and the dash later next year.
  17. EF Ian

    boosted300's RB 240Z

    Nice upgrade, fingers crossed for you that it lasts well.
  18. Great to hear its working well. If you are running semi slicks there is a massive difference between a warm and cold set, I don''t use high boost until few low boost pulls to get the tyres warm first. Nothing wrong with Rotas, as much as I would like to switch to Watanabes their sizing in the R type isnt ideal the the F8 Type doesn't look as nice imo as my Rotas currently do so I'm not set on it yet. Most people I see running R type wats on stock fenders are using narrower tyres to avoid rubbing but this would't be an option at my power level, plus I even would have to run a 5mm spacer on the front in order to clear my brakes. Problem staying 16" the wheel is closer to the strut and I only have one tyre option at 245 with that being Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs. There are no Watanabes that would fit yours, unless you went 16", but with doing so you won't be able to run as wide due to the wheel being an inch closer to the strut.
  19. EF Ian

    Z Car weights

    Lol, might work for a lot of people, but I already have <10% body fat.
  20. EF Ian

    Z Car weights

    I will be getting her corner balanced after once the bare metal respray and rebuild are finished and its back on the road so we will find out, I'll post results here. Will have a carbon bonnet saving 10kg, fibreglass wings and alloy hubs saving another 10kg so I hope she is under 1200kg, 1150 would be nice. It could be heavier than expected as you mention, might account for why mine is so stiff and I have none of the flex issues I've heard many early Z owners notice, my chassis is really stiff, jacked at the front with the doors open you can still open and close them normally, no visible flex.
  21. Offset can be confusing. How are you finding the setup? Must have plenty grip now surely. I am still confused how my S30 puts the power down so well using only 225 semi slicks, makes me scared to change anything on the rear encase I ruin it, never seen a Z with the traction I have, all you see in videos on Z's with similar or less power than mine is a lot of wheelspin but I've never had much issue after 1st. Although I actually think I can put this down to my setup with twin turbos, the power comes in much more linear compared to a single. What top speed have you had them at? I am going to do the odd airstrip 1 mile event and I would worry are welded wheels as strong? Don't want anything going wrong at 170mph+ Sill finding wheel choice hard, I want to run Watanabes but not sure they will fit right as at the front 16x8 ET0 will fit ok, will be slightly farther out than ideal but doable, problem is I then have to run a spacer to clear my brakes which make them stick out a bit much. Also fancy a drag/track rear setup I can change to, think I can run the non r type wats in 16x8.5 ET15 with 245/45's but not 100% until I try it and with them costing around $700 a wheel its a lot of money if they don't work. A custom wheel is the best option, but I can never decide on a wheel I like more than the Watanabe style wheels
  22. Very Nice, 525hp should be enough.
  23. I am considering getting a half cage made for the 260Z. Mainly to stiffen up the shell, provide an attachment point for the odd time I would want a harness and also to add some safety in the event of an accident. Has anyone here got experience running a cage? Do you see a noticeable difference in chassis rigidity? Problems with insurance? I imagine a decent half cage would add at least 30kg which is not so desirable. I am thinking something along the lines of these (only without the front half on those that are full cages)
  24. Wondering if anyone has installed a brake line lock on their S30? Considering installing one, need to decide between a simple in line lock to the rear in order to isolate the rear brakes or to use an electronic line lock plumped to the front brakes to hold pressure in the lines. Anybody got some experience/thoughts?
  25. EF Ian

    Brake Line Locks

    I want it to help with burnouts pre 1/4 mile while saving wear on the rear brakes. I was thinking originally of just getting the inline valve type so I can just lock off the rear brakes but then I thought if I am doing it it might be worth getting the electronic type that can lock pressure in the fronts, just because it makes doing a burnout so easy. However its not exactly hard and once the rear brakes are locked off I do not need to worry about wear, plus it will help me keep a neater looking bay. So I may just go for the cheaper option. I don't plan on smoking he tyres for long so hopefully I don;t get through them too quick. JHM - Thanks, I clearly don't know how to use the search properly because I didn't manage to find those posts when I tried a search.