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Z31 ECU questions


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I purchased this ecu , 88 turbo model. I am going to install into my 74 260z that has a running working 83 ecu/turbo installed.


I sent this out to a person that says they know how to tune this ecu. I gave them the parts list that I am either installing on my car, (500cc inj, Z32 maf will be installed) or currently running Schneiders 270-60F-14 camshaft, 2 1/2 in exhaust. intercooler.


Well after much ado I got the ecu back. 


Does anyone have pictures of the inside of the ecu. Just don't know if he did anything and with the lack of communication and excuses just a little concerned.





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Weird how the brain automatically converts unknown words in to known ones or some sort of mutant word that sounds more familiar.  E-prong from EPROM.


Someone that has Nistune might be able to read the chip and learn something.  If modification dates are saved.  Assuming that Nistune was used.  It's possible that the ECU was "chipped" but even then it would be difficult to tell unless the new or old chips have ID numbers.


You should re-title your thread "How do I tell if my 88 Z31 ECU has been chipped or Nistuned?"


Where'd you find this "tuner"?  Craigslist?

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