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  1. So we finished the turbo install, new blow off valve, new fuel system(fuel cell, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel rail, fuel regulator) new intake(cold air in front of the radiator), new Odyssey pc860 battery relocated in storage bin behind passenger seat and replaced the 96 pass oil cooler with a 10 pass smaller one. Yahoo! We flushed the fuel system to get the possible junk out of the lines and proceeded to check pressure of the fuel system. Dang plug in the fuel regulator leaked. So had to find one -6 fitting. Found one at Pep Boys believe it or not. So time permitting fire her up this week, I want to rally cross race it Saturday in Macon Ga. Hoping for 300+ hp and better driverability.
  2. Here is the last dyno run we did to tune the car. It is a blast to drive. There are 29 pulls on this zip drive. You can just look at the last 3-4 pulls as they are the final tune. 225hp with 255 tq on the dyno. Think I am conservative enough on tune for longevity. Still need to work on decel, and initial tip in. Had multiple issues to deal with at the dyno. Kept losing power to the TPS(was the connection being loose on the spade to fuse panel). Blew coupler off did not know it for first 10 pulls. Pulled the power to 3 injectors by accident while closing the gaps on spark plugs. Had the vacuum lines to the boost controller wrong, hence could not build boost. Thats how it is when you don't finish things you start, or finish things others don't. Have to look over everything. Data Log Zip File.zip
  3. Here are the 29 pulls we did on the dyno. If you are going to look at them, I would open the last 3 or 4. The tuning session started with a rough running issues. Started with power supply issues to the TPS. Then we blew the coupler off the intercooler. The first 14-15 pulls where those issues. Got the car pretty dialed in. Still not happy with the drive ability. Need to work on deceleration, having a lot of rumble and poping. Not real smooth on take off either. If you have time take a look and see what you think. Will not hurt my feelings to tell me whats wrong. Thanks Data Log Zip File.zip
  4. Here is the spread sheet from the dyno tune we did. I will load the data log run from the best run and copies of the final setups
  5. Here you go. Max hp 224 at 4800rpm, max tq 254 at 4400. Max boost at 3800 rpm 18 lbs but would fall quickly to 11 lbs boost by 5500 rpm. Typical stock turbo issue of internal waste gate spring not holding above 11 lbs. Dad had car at shop during dyno pulls as I was called into work. Had 28 pulls getting tuning for driveability and power. Set with conservative tune. We pulled 280hp, and 310tq last year. But we blew that up before Z nationals. I will be changing the turbo soon as well as the exhaust.
  6. No progress on the Z! Sad to say all the parts are ready. Just gotta get other stuff out of the way. B13 Sentra, VVL motor is great. The damage from hitting a curb directly on the a/c compressor caused more damage than I thought. The total damage has been: Compressor 3 mounts Both axles Transmission Good news is the transmission that was in the car was not an LSD. Scored one and will have that done this week. In the man time had to upgrade along the way. Wilwood front brakes 94 Maxima rear calipers Rota grid wheels
  7. Ok some eye candy. I ended up letting the machine shop finish the build.
  8. Its been a while for updates. Time and money as they say. first issue is that my daily driver 92 sentra se-r had an issue. Or a self inflicted issue. 5 am going to work I did not realize that they had done a lane shift in the process of widening state road 50. I dead centered a center divide curb. It hit right on the a/c compressor. Broke the ears off the compressor mounts, and split the case, leaked all the freon out. Thats not the worse. Split the passenger side motor mount. got the new mount on and now running without the a/c. So in the mean time I picked up a 94 Infinity Q45! Can you say V8 and a/c!
  9. Hello! melbellwood1 shared an album with you. View Album, http://s158.photobucket.com/user/melbellwood1/library/Tooquick260z Here is the whole album on this build. Lost the original links in a lot of the prior posts. Over 400 pics
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