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swapping a Ka24De into 77' 280Z using 97' obd2 harness

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I recently acquired a very clean and low mileage KA motor set from a 97' 240sx. Im not here to ask all the noob questions about how to mount it or what driveshaft... ect ect.. But I am asking for some help in the wiring dept. I know wiring up a typical obd1/obd0 swap is very straight forward. Ive done a few. But the engine I happened to buy was from a 97 model year car. What would be the best course to take? Ive heard of a obd2 to obd1 ecu conversion harness that would allow me to retain the 97' dizzy and sensors. But I have been unable to actually find one for sale. 


The other route ive seen is to use an entire obd1 setup. Dizzy, intake mani w/sensors, harness and ecu. Has anyone done this swap using a newer harness? If you did, was there any sort of security you had to bypass? 


I know DIYAUTOTUNE offers a PNP ecu, but at $800 id like to explore other options before I have to do that.


any help is appreciated. 


Thanks in advance!

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Did you check Mckinney or wiring specialties? They may have some cheaper plug and play options. It shouldnt have had any theft or security work arounds needed. It may have had a clutch switch/neutral safety switch you may need to fool. Best thing to do is study a wiring diagram, look at the modules it needs to power up and look for power and grounds to the ECU. I have not personally done the swap, but it shouldn't be THAT hard to figure out and really no different than wiring up an OBD1 harness. 

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I dont understand what you are struggling with?

If you have a 1997 KA motor that is complete, you have the complete harness, and the ecu.

Plug everything up in, the connector by the ecu that you can not plug into anything on a Z chassisyou will have to cross reference and wire up.

This isnt hard, if you want to send me your harness I can do this for 300$

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