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Greg's 280z build - Start Nov' 19th, 2013

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So, as many of you can already assume, I'm Greg and I've owned a 1978 280z for a little over a month. Although my time with the car has been short, many plans are in place to replace and restore many parts. Currently, the plan is to do the notorious LS1 engine swap, lowered on Stance Coilovers, STR 514 wheels (17x9 square with a 3.5 inch machined lip), ZG Wide Flares, etc. but first, body work is the first priority on my list. From the day I first bought the car, little changes have been made to the car...


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Bumpers are off! Before and after:







Repainted my front end temporarily. The plan is to repaint the entire car candy red so I didn't aim for perfection with it. It's much better than it was though.


Started doing bodywork to smooth out the overlapping sheet-metal and I'll be welding metal plates behind the 3 large holes...Bondo is such a pain in the @SS :(


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I know you have big plans for your car. but I'd suggest you hold off on the LS1 conversions for a little while, till you get used to your car and you get all the wild ideas sorted out. There's tons of unfinished projects out there and we'd hate to see another.   If you have any questions, please let us know.  The best method for upgrading is to have a well thought out plan, and a budget that's 2-3x what you think it might cost.  Especially think about that you want your end product to be.  If it's a street car then go street car, if it's a race car then your goals are going to be much different.

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