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Lt1 does not run looking for help

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Hi everyone, I'm new here looking for help.

For the last 10 years I've been working on this project and finally installed the engine and transmission. Used a painless wiring kit for the application, and reprogrammed the PCM to eliminate unnecessary components, tested opti spark and injector pulse and all checks out but I still have no spark.

I left it alone for about 6 months out of frustration but I think I'm ready to jump back on the saddle and burn some rubber before the end of the year.

Can anybody help?

Thank you all in advance

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Do you have a bulb for the SES light? (Service engine soon or CEL) Have you checked the VATS was really removed, do you have the Fuel pump wiring correct with the PCM? Check the injectors with NOID indicator I believe they need a negative voltage to trigger. Just tossing around a few ideas

Some of these kept me from running when I was trying to start it 5 years ago?

Do you have a laptop and TunerCAT?, sometimes the VATS programmed out works just fine but others have had to also put a resistor inline that was the same value as the ignition key resistor chip

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Did you figure this out? I have a Callaway Camaro with a LT1 and the ignition is the weak link on these engines. I had an ignition module go bad and I replaced it with a new one and still had a no start condition. After going through everything and wasting countless hours and hundreds of dollars on parts, it turned out that the replacement module I had put in was bad too. Brand new out of the box.

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