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LS1 gurus , Info needed on radiator hoses, what are you guys using

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I ended up using the JCI supplied hose for the top hose. I cut it to install the steam vent and flipped one side. I think the part number is gates 21588. I had to cut 1 inch off the intake elbow where it goes onto the throttle body to make clearance for the hose to pass between it and my fan.


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picked up 21503 but no way this "fits" in any direction. Is this used to splice and cut like KTM did or is 21712 the actual LS to Datsun Radiator the working #?  Not sure I follow socorob's post -", Gates 21712, and Goodyear 61457. The other half that goes to the Datsun radiator is an original for the Datsun, Gates PN 20776." 


Would be nice to have some definitive posts and pics:

Datsun Radiator-

Upper: 21503

Lower: xxxxx


Chevy / Aftermarket Radiator -




Alternative solutions:

Split lower with 1.5" tubing  See threadhttp://forums.hybridz.org/topic/116370-ls1-gurus-info-needed-on-radiator-hoses-what-are-you-guys-using/?p=1091157

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