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Under Hood Inspection Light Lens


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Thought I would share this. I was looking for a lens cover to replace the one that disentegrated on my under hood inspection light. Could not find just the lens, but could find the whole light itself. Not wanting to spend that much money, I thought I might be able to come up with something else. I looked in several drug stores and found plastic caps on various hair products, body sprays, and etc. I found a cap from a Neutrogena Body Mist spray can that was the same diameter as the light. If you notice on the light itself, there are four tabs that help hold the lens cover in. There is also a rubber gasket/washer inside. I bent the four tabs out so as to allow the plastic cap to go in. The fit was good. The plastic cap was too clear for me. So I used some 400 grit sand paper and “scuffed†up the plastic cap so as to make it look frosted. This gave me the look I wanted. I put everything together and bent the tabs back in to hold the new lens cover in place. It may not be "original", but I'm happy with it. I have attached some pictures.






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