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z32 LSD swap into 260z


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Well im new to the whole datsun/nissan scene and I found what seems like a good deal on a z32 LSD on my local Craigslist and was wondering if A _ It's a possible swap and B_if it is possible what modifications would have to be made. Thanks guys oh and by the way, admins, if this post is plain stupid I would not be offended if you deleted it.-Grayson



PS- I also found a set of Z32 brake calipers you can swap those too with a little modification can't you? Sorry for the noob-iness

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Please read thru the diff topics in the Drivetrain FAQ. You will find the info, though hard some times....   I put a short nose in my 260.  I just bought the parts one by one here in the classifieds as they came avail. from members changing their build plans.


  1. You need a new nose brace.
  2. Your mustash bar may need the holes re-drilled
  3. New axles
  4. Companion flanges
  5. Driveshaft
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@RB26powered74zcar I appreciate the speed reply, I did see a few threads on how it is a bad idea but there was so much conflicting opinons on it. I'm assuming all 260z's had the r200 rear end? right? (no clue). But now let me throw this wrench into the gears. My plans for this car is a 2jz VVT-I swap into where I would have to have a driveshaft fabricated I'm pretty sure. Then I could just get one that would mate to the diff. (All of this may be a bunch of stuff my brain decided to make up)

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You could use something like the techno toys kit, which is expensive, but it will let you use that diff , 300 axles and the whole 300z rear brake setup.


Money well spent. Gabe is good to deal with, and it yields an off-the-shelf disc brake solution with E Brakes!

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