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Misc 1977 Engine Bay Parts


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I am in need of a few factory nissan/datsun parts for my 1977 280z.  I am doing a factory restoration and would like to keep it all original parts if possible.


  • Factory air intake tube everything before throttle body except AFM. This includes stock blue airbox/hoses
  • Braket for fuseable links
  • Braket for Carbon Canister and a Carbon Canister
  • Braket for AFM 4 bolt on the bottom of AFM
  • Almost all Brakets that are on the passanger side of the engine bay
  • Stock Radiator -This is off an automatic car with A/C


If you are doing a part out of a 280z and have alot of miscellaneous engine bay hardware that you cant get rid of let me know.


zspeed22@gmail.com or PM me on here.

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I have everything I need except the following two items,


AFM bracket from the meter to the frame

Starter Relay/Seat Belt Relay for an automatic, also need all the relays and switches for the ac.


Thanks everyone for the offers.

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