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  1. For Sale- NOS 280z coupe backglass. PPG brand- part# FB1222 Been in warehouse for decades. Rare part perfect for your restoration. NLA No scuffs or scratches! $150 plus PayPal fee/Shipping
  2. I have a junk block you can have if you are willing to pick it up. I live in Fall River Mass, 1hr 52 mins from you.
  3. I have one off my 76, $20 plus shipping/PayPal fee. Pm me for details, Brent.
  4. I have a hood for sale ($150)if you are willing to pick it up, I’m located in Massachusetts. Send me a PM for details.
  5. I love to see quality work like this, a master of your craft.
  6. I do not,sorry. I have some parts left over from a 2+2 i parted out, let me know if you need anything else. I would be glad to look.
  7. Are you talking about the door sill metal molding's that screw to the rocker panels?
  8. I have not had a chance to look yet, things are booming at work. I will look tomorrow for sure.
  9. Do not cut the gasket!!!! what brand gasket? Precision? please post at picture of the stage you are at now.
  10. I should have a pair, let me check my stash.
  11. It has been stated in the past that a RB torque plate will work on a L6, might be another option to look into.
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