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LED Tail lights (My new set up by ZLEDsLIGHTS.com)

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RB26poweredZcar is able to run his LED lights with his stock flasher.  Unfortunately for me my flasher just plain died.  It had 38 years and 240,000 miles of driving on it.  I have an EF32RL flasher on order which is a 2-prong electronic flasher with a grounding wire that is supposedly compatible with LED lights and another post had said that the standard EF32 would work in a 280Z.  Keeping fingers crossed because right now my new $$$$ LED sequential turn signals don't work for lack of a flasher.

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Check them out. Almost ready to mail back to me for the 260 to 240 conversion. I came up with the layout with Samuel, the owner at ZLEDSLIGHTS.COM    

Well the original lights are dim, use a lot of power, and are not easily seen in many instances.  This is by far a better application than what was originally available.  LED technology is better all

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