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My 1st Engine Build Ever ( L26 Refresh Log )

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Hey Guys my names Joel. I've been on the forum for a few months, browsing and reading a lot. Skimming topics. I've barely scratched the surface on what I wish to learn and things I need to learn, but all in all, tons of good info. around here. Cool stuff in the archive I can't wait to apply to my Datsun as things progress. Clearly I'm a bit reserved posting my personal things but I do document nearly everything. One day I might make an interesting thread; one day. For now I just wanted to share with you all a little bit and maybe inspire someone as I've been inspired. This will be a log covering my first engine rebuild ever. You see, I decided when I bought my Datsun to avoid as many setbacks as possible due to outsourcing, that I'd try to do as much as I could by myself or under watch of a pro. Buying a non-running Z made my step easy and 1st priority....building a reliable heart. So from scrap to key-on here we go!!!!


Just a lil background. I bought my Z and it came with a L28 ( uninstalled ). Engine on a stand, with some quick pre-lim inspections I realized the motor was seized. "No Biggy" I thought to myself, because before I even bought the car I knew a 3.1L build was in the future and that would be the core. I set out on CL to find a replacement but the running engines were scarce and all seemed to be in norcal. The rest just had a sketchy w/ parts or rebuild w/ no receipts caption. I'll pass on those. Anyway, I ended up finding a local L26 w/ some extras for $140 I later when on to sell some spare parts for it netting me a positive $20. It was advertised as running, which I didn't believe that for a sec. but I figured at that price it was worth a gamble to me. Either way I needed an engine and I was prepared to rebuild an engine regardless of who I bought it from. 





Ready to get this thing underway and see where I stood, I hauled my newly found L26 down to our shop where my buddies and I wrench on Hondas to start my inspection. Off loaded and ready for teardown.


14189175775_5e12bd2c8c_b.jpg 14189178285_bfede2238b_b.jpg 14002506638_eb35fb7a81_b.jpg




I've read a lot of people suggesting to begin with this book so I ordered one up.



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Back to business, Just snapping some photos of components and condition of the longblock was in when I bought it. Due to time being of the essence, at least that is what I once though, I began to tear it down so I could inspect it asap and plan the next course of action.


1stly ripped off these flat tops

14002486079_4d6e69a15a_b.jpg 14002542067_e21b1d17ba_b.jpg14185877331_be537fc11c_b.jpg




next the N36 Manifolds, which I later sold 



with those items out of the way, next was the exh. manifold. Remember I mentioned earlier the honda guy thing, it did not hot me conceptually until teardown that the exh. and intake were on the same side. #mindblown LOL



smog equipment? BWHAHAHA I scorn thee

14188983274_3fc6217635_b.jpg 14189038245_8dcaf6f426_b.jpg


More misc. goods I'm not sure I will reuse, also removed. They will be handy templates if I do not reuse them.

14165853796_bf9b5af0ee_b.jpg 14165862506_cd504b6e79_b.jpg


Then it was time to take the pan off. If the bearings are/were good I'd just do a bearing slap and install the engine in my car.



somewhere along the timeline I decided to remove the VC. Amongst all the sludge of poor maintenance I heard a hollow part drop...Hmmmm?



that's what it was. A pc. of the oil spray bar




Oil pan off, I began removing rod caps to check the bearings. I only have 5 pics but all the bearings looked good; this might be an actual running engine I said to myself. So I was content on just reinstalling them and torquing them a few ft.lbs extra. All I'd need now is a HG and re-assemble. Of course the conservative way out. How could I explain anything less to the mrs.

d8_zps62fe2551.jpg d9_zpsaa14c9d6.jpg 20140516_132945_zps0f8c37dd.jpg 20140516_132945-1_zps31a7dfbe.jpg d10_zps7b953bde.jpg

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Very cool. Have you checked out EmpireZ yet? Ontario meets first thursday of every month at the Denny's parking lot off of Milliken.


Thanks Spyder. I haven't yet sir. Datsun is out of commission, but as soon as it's up and running I will.  I'm hoping, I can do this all within the next month. On top of this rebuild, I still have to rebuild carbs, get a 3-2 header, clutch and flywheel, transmission mount and mount area repair, on top of rebuilding the current 4spd.

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So with the bearings in good shape, I was in high hopes this would be easy, with just a gasket swap. So I pulled the head off. Quiet the carb build up.


d5_zpseb8ffee4.jpg d7_zps8a8bf35d.jpg



Front engine components removed - a lot of sludge, not bad for 30/40yrs of being on the road I guess.


IMG_1900_zps4e89da81.jpg IMG_1899_zpsb6c5db3c.jpg IMG_1895_zps53fae776.jpg IMG_1901_zps6504c559.jpg IMG_1898_zpsf4e9bc91.jpg



It was at this point, when removing carbon from the piston tops I realized, with my OCD I'd be digging a ditch. Yearning for a piece of mind would only mean one thing. REBUILD IT ALL.:cry:





Houston we have contact.  Piston to valve clearance was diminished for a moment in time. 





while I thought it out, I'd continue on to strip the block. I knew a proper rebuild would now be mandatory.


IMG_1904_zps4e28c8ea.jpg IMG_1905_zps60ed468a.jpg



paused for a brief moment to inspect cylinders before I continued disassembly. 


IMG_1961_zps10e27663.jpg br9_zps6d034a59.jpg IMG_1953_zpsb244b9f3.jpg IMG_1967_zps9a3c51f6.jpg IMG_1966_zpsb4a6d55d.jpg



bearings cast away like my dreams





fancy crank pose





replaced the mains. I Plan to send the block out to get hot tanked, and prep mentally, physically, financially for a rebuild.


IMG_1974_zps5869b0d2.jpg br1_zps393b6463.jpg

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The building never ends. The more I stare at this machine the more extravagant I wish to be. A quick reality check, and back to earth, I press-on with the fundamentals. While the block is out for cleaning I decided I'd be sending the flywheel to be lightened and resurfaced, some before pics. Not into researching a performance clutch kit right now. Just stay within the realm of wholesome is what I'm after.


letting my boys in on some L6 lovin - poppin freeze plugs

vc5_zps19d703c9.jpg IMG_2009_zpsdbb886b8.jpg vc15_zpsb190ea46.jpg IMG_2013_zps25a77fd2.jpg



sometimes when a man is lonely he gets a lil bit hone-y! 1st pass I ended up doing10fwd 10rev passes - now she's officially ready for the machine shop

IMG_1916_zpsbd2be63e.jpg vc14_zpsa10b126e.jpg IMG_2012_zps1bb354ec.jpg



Fly being sent out for resurface & lightening 

IMG_1907_zps7f4e03b5.jpg IMG_1908_zps806d494d.jpg


adding these to the parts to be cleaned pile; w/ the others seen above


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so I had sent my block out to my friends shop to get hot tanked and cleaned, I guess he's a stickler for properly maintaing the fluids, because all my parts came back dingy. EHHHH! GRRR! Some may say that's what you get for being cheap, but I assure you I wasn't. My intensions were good; to support a friends. Should have went with my first instinct. So in the right hands, and some media blast later WALLLLLAHHH! 


L26B5_zps9dfeae95.jpg d2c39b5b-93b3-4be8-934f-74673e29c002_zps IMG_1985_zps20e09ae0.jpg



my old tattered spray bar that's now in a better place

L26B1_zps3b2334a4.jpg c44b5a49-3a1d-458a-909f-ca690496606c_zps IMG_1989_zps360ced5a.jpg



Block and crank return

block001_zps3161c9dd.jpg block002_zps809e482c.jpg block004_zps557996f1.jpg block005_zps1100c388.jpg



while waiting for the head to come back ( apparently it has a bent valve so I will order one up ) I ordered the basics. Timing Components

IMG_1923_zps1b5db360.jpg IMG_1928_zpsc3a47cc8.jpg



Gasket Kit

IMG_1931_zpsc3b1f94f.jpg a7399ef6-1d91-48c8-bf4f-6e6e60601e26_zps IMG_1933_zps4eb29429.jpg



freeze plugs. - note do not buy this kit, can be ordered cheaper at your local parts store.

engine003_zpsc6de2f44.jpg ENKEI002_zps2bcc3d9d.jpg



When I bought my timing kit these were in it..... should have checked this part # 1st. :( set back #1 2.8L Rings.... ummm could have sworn I asked them for 2.6L! Grrr These will be going back for sure.

engine007_zpsd8781f19.jpg engine001_zps09b7c6aa.jpg



Turbo Oil pump to keep oil psi up, I drive aggressive-ish so might come in handy, while I attack fwy on ramps LOL

engine004_zpsc1d2f5ba.jpg ENKEI005_zpsc199d110.jpg engine006_zpsa0063508.jpg



pistons and rods cleaned up as well

l26037_zps11c95247.jpg l26038_zps76ba8661.jpg



and of course I had to snap some pics of my pit crew ( 2of 3 ), they wouldn't have it any other way.


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Some good info. I was schooled on another forum, which is great, that oil pump posted above is not high vol. I'll need to exchange that. I ordered a turbo pump, but guess what, wrong again. So I'll be ordering a KA24DE pump.


As for the build, here's some goodies all cleaned up, and ready for paint.


tolerances006_zpsa186846d.jpg block007_zps45355d09.jpg block006_zpsdef3fb7a.jpg



yes I plan to rebuild the original 4spd. It's all about the datsun experience.




arrival of the achilles heal - ebay member shorted me a few, but is sending me another full pack. ( vandervell rods, clevite main. )

internals1001_zpsa3a0ce4b.jpg internals014_zps67b9b1ae.jpg internals015_zps8facef58.jpg



cough cough round tops have made its way into the build ;)!!! Balance tube will be shaved and welded. Carbs will be rebuilt to compliment the engine.

vc8_zps586762cf.jpg vc9_zpsa70342d2.jpg



extras I received




With the block and VC prepped at work I decided to tackle some stuff at home. 4 stages Rattle can enamel.

L26B8_zpsf42fe2de.jpg IMG_1992_zps54f90634.jpg L26B11_zpsa71cee01.jpg l26b13_zpse6e521cb.jpg IMG_1998_zps10628151.jpg l26b15_zpse3b01e82.jpg IMG_2000_zpsbc775738.jpg l26b17_zps7b676352.jpg IMG_2002_zpsb7751c6d.jpg IMG_2014_zpsd9e6dcf3.jpg IMG_2003_zps583e5f55.jpg goodies004_zpsf1400092.jpg



My minions join daddy again. My lil man ( yes I know he's a cute boy LOL ), and daddy's girl.


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Which engine/machine shop did you send your block parts to?


I used carquest; formally known as graves.


Totally agree, Nite_Grind.  its all about the datsun experience, just like in 1974.


Well at least as close to it as I can get in a slightly updated form. I know headers are not the purist option but it's a sensible one nonetheless. 


Great story. Keep up the work


Thanks sir, I'll do my best. I have to sort a few things out, as life would have it, so this may slow down a bit.

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