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  1. I used carquest; formally known as graves. Well at least as close to it as I can get in a slightly updated form. I know headers are not the purist option but it's a sensible one nonetheless. Thanks sir, I'll do my best. I have to sort a few things out, as life would have it, so this may slow down a bit.
  2. hahaha Thanks sir! They are also many other things but what 2 & 3 yr olds aren't. LOL
  3. Good stuff man... If it's not an OG rhd, leave it alone! LOL p.s. find the pink 10 pittsburgh socket HEHE
  4. Hello, can anyone direct me to where I can read up on becoming a vendor / how to become a vendor and it's fees? Thanks Joel
  5. Some good info. I was schooled on another forum, which is great, that oil pump posted above is not high vol. I'll need to exchange that. I ordered a turbo pump, but guess what, wrong again. So I'll be ordering a KA24DE pump. As for the build, here's some goodies all cleaned up, and ready for paint. yes I plan to rebuild the original 4spd. It's all about the datsun experience. arrival of the achilles heal - ebay member shorted me a few, but is sending me another full pack. ( vandervell rods, clevite main. ) cough cough round tops have
  6. so I had sent my block out to my friends shop to get hot tanked and cleaned, I guess he's a stickler for properly maintaing the fluids, because all my parts came back dingy. EHHHH! GRRR! Some may say that's what you get for being cheap, but I assure you I wasn't. My intensions were good; to support a friends. Should have went with my first instinct. So in the right hands, and some media blast later WALLLLLAHHH! my old tattered spray bar that's now in a better place Block and crank return while waiting for the head to come back ( a
  7. Bookmarking. Just wanted to share a thought. 10K is not much at all if you think of it, even to a poor S.O.G like myself. I came from a Honda scene and I've spent that amount roughly on a 96 4dr civic within 1/2yrs of ownership. Not bragging, by no means, I have no right to, nothing to prove; just saying 10K is attainable. I read this thread jazzed up, then the price hit, interaction dropped, but I'm still jazzed up? why? because that's better than the OSG 35K....So if putting a side some money gets you to your goal, do it! Prep for your Dual cam head now, and in a few years you'll be r
  8. Damn good stuff. Every thread I see someone taking the time out to weld and build, makes me want to hope back in the seat and expand on what stick welding knowledge I had, LOL. Keep up the good work.
  9. Glad to have you on board! Sound like you have some clear direction for your Z. It's only a matter of time however before the misses discovers your mistress! LOL. Don't forget to load us with pics, this way we feel like we are there with you Setbacks, mods, final choices etc. Good luck with the build. Kiss that blessed woman for investing in your dream no matter how trivial it may seem to her. Finish this build, finish your education, I hope this build opens many doors for you that you may one day shower your mother with retribution. Joel
  10. The building never ends. The more I stare at this machine the more extravagant I wish to be. A quick reality check, and back to earth, I press-on with the fundamentals. While the block is out for cleaning I decided I'd be sending the flywheel to be lightened and resurfaced, some before pics. Not into researching a performance clutch kit right now. Just stay within the realm of wholesome is what I'm after. letting my boys in on some L6 lovin - poppin freeze plugs sometimes when a man is lonely he gets a lil bit hone-y! 1st pass I ended up doing10fwd 10rev passes - now
  11. Quickdraw, I'm gonna love this build. One day I hope to do a full rotisserie as well. That sound deadening in the door is the first I've seen of that but I like it. Good Luck and keep up the progress shots.
  12. So with the bearings in good shape, I was in high hopes this would be easy, with just a gasket swap. So I pulled the head off. Quiet the carb build up. Front engine components removed - a lot of sludge, not bad for 30/40yrs of being on the road I guess. It was at this point, when removing carbon from the piston tops I realized, with my OCD I'd be digging a ditch. Yearning for a piece of mind would only mean one thing. REBUILD IT ALL. Houston we have contact. Piston to valve clearance was diminished for a moment in time.
  13. Thanks Spyder. I haven't yet sir. Datsun is out of commission, but as soon as it's up and running I will. I'm hoping, I can do this all within the next month. On top of this rebuild, I still have to rebuild carbs, get a 3-2 header, clutch and flywheel, transmission mount and mount area repair, on top of rebuilding the current 4spd.
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