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  1. Nite_Grind

    1974 260z A/T Restoration Car - Fontana, CA

    CAR IS SOLD FOLKS. Thank you all for the interest.
  2. Nite_Grind

    1974 260z A/T Restoration Car - Fontana, CA

    Al we already spoke via email, but for some of you having link issues, it is..... http://1974260z.wordpress.com/
  3. Nite_Grind

    1974 260z A/T Restoration Car - Fontana, CA

    Shipping will save you a headache. $1000 now takes it!
  4. I used carquest; formally known as graves. Well at least as close to it as I can get in a slightly updated form. I know headers are not the purist option but it's a sensible one nonetheless. Thanks sir, I'll do my best. I have to sort a few things out, as life would have it, so this may slow down a bit.
  5. hahaha Thanks sir! They are also many other things but what 2 & 3 yr olds aren't. LOL
  6. Nite_Grind

    VTEC k-seires for Derek

    I think you may have it backwards. Vtec looks for oil psi. No oil/low oil psi, no vtec. Vtec does not engage with low oil and also will throw a vtec related CEL.
  7. Good morning ladies & gents, My Names Joel. I'm co-owner of a small shop in Pomona, CA. We deal with import performance and parts. I just wanted to let the locals know if there's anything we could help you attain I'd be more than happy to be that liaison for CXRacing parts. We can order other parts and brands, such as Megan Racing, K-Sport, ESM wheels, function form, bride, clutch masters, xtd, action clutch, supertech, garrett, turbonetics, tial, asr ETC. Privatized products can only be ordered through manufacturer/dealer. ex. McKinney products, BC Z specific coilovers. Now, we are not a "z-specific" shop so chances are the item will not be instock but can be ordered. CXR, GSP, Megan Racing, DNA, Whistler wheels, stuff is usually same day or next day. We also deal with an east coast wholesaler on fiberglass parts those items are ideally made to order. So wait time for those parts - larger parts, can be excessive. In winter time molds take longer to cure so if your impatient don't even bother. I just wanted to cover some basics, Introduce myself and to let you guys know we are here and local. It's a new age, so please feel free to call or text me during normal business hours; I'm not just a parts guy only, sometimes I'm in the shop working so if I do not answer do not hesitate to leave me a mssg. and or send me a text. I'm not here to hustle anything down your neck, just letting you know I'm a source if you need anything. Nite Grind Transmissions / aka Nastie Garage ( we are going to migrate to a more mature business name in the near future LOL but do not be turned off by a title, we do work on other cars. ) 1649 E. Mission Blvd Suite G Pomona, CA 91766 Hours: M-F 10am-6pm / Sat. Appt / Sun-Closed P. 909 728 5033 Web: www.ng2squared.com
  8. Nite_Grind

    Becoming a Vendor & Fees?

    Understood. Thanks,
  9. Good stuff man... If it's not an OG rhd, leave it alone! LOL p.s. find the pink 10 pittsburgh socket HEHE
  10. Nite_Grind

    Becoming a Vendor & Fees?

    Hello, can anyone direct me to where I can read up on becoming a vendor / how to become a vendor and it's fees? Thanks Joel
  11. Some good info. I was schooled on another forum, which is great, that oil pump posted above is not high vol. I'll need to exchange that. I ordered a turbo pump, but guess what, wrong again. So I'll be ordering a KA24DE pump. As for the build, here's some goodies all cleaned up, and ready for paint. yes I plan to rebuild the original 4spd. It's all about the datsun experience. arrival of the achilles heal - ebay member shorted me a few, but is sending me another full pack. ( vandervell rods, clevite main. ) cough cough round tops have made its way into the build !!! Balance tube will be shaved and welded. Carbs will be rebuilt to compliment the engine. extras I received With the block and VC prepped at work I decided to tackle some stuff at home. 4 stages Rattle can enamel. My minions join daddy again. My lil man ( yes I know he's a cute boy LOL ), and daddy's girl.
  12. so I had sent my block out to my friends shop to get hot tanked and cleaned, I guess he's a stickler for properly maintaing the fluids, because all my parts came back dingy. EHHHH! GRRR! Some may say that's what you get for being cheap, but I assure you I wasn't. My intensions were good; to support a friends. Should have went with my first instinct. So in the right hands, and some media blast later WALLLLLAHHH! my old tattered spray bar that's now in a better place Block and crank return while waiting for the head to come back ( apparently it has a bent valve so I will order one up ) I ordered the basics. Timing Components Gasket Kit freeze plugs. - note do not buy this kit, can be ordered cheaper at your local parts store. When I bought my timing kit these were in it..... should have checked this part # 1st. set back #1 2.8L Rings.... ummm could have sworn I asked them for 2.6L! Grrr These will be going back for sure. Turbo Oil pump to keep oil psi up, I drive aggressive-ish so might come in handy, while I attack fwy on ramps LOL pistons and rods cleaned up as well and of course I had to snap some pics of my pit crew ( 2of 3 ), they wouldn't have it any other way.
  13. Nite_Grind

    1974 260z A/T Restoration Car - Fontana, CA

    forgot to update the pricing. 1500 OBO takes her home. I do need to get this car out the driveway, and I'm open to negotiations.