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  1. is the differential still available? I can come to pick it this weekend if available and possible.
  2. Hello All, I own a 73 240z. Im having problems getting the rebuilt motor to run. And would like some advice and help. Motor Specs: 81 280ZX lower block with standard size flat top pistons, rebuilt. 73 240z heads cylinder cleaned, rebuilt and valve change. the camshaft is a Schneider 274F. (The head was "decked" bottom resurfaced) an E12-92 equiped distributor. SU carbs with 73 intake manifold (Unknown yr of SU's). header in 6 - 2 outlets(No muffler yet). 82 280ZX 5 speed transmission. Mechanical pump. MOV_0325.mp4 The car has been hesitant to start but doesn't. I rebuilt the carbs and found one of the jets was seized. i did change the jets with new ones from Walker rebuild kits. I sized the floats according to the walker guidelines, but once installed no pressure was going into the empty float tank. I resized the floats and tested by blowing throw the fuel inlet for passage and also while installed. I filled the float tank slightly with fuel and installed everything. The float sealed due to the fuel inside the tank. Did the same for the rear carb. I had a difficultly understanding camshaft timing, then found an hybridz post MSD video that helped. The initial pics are the cam set at 2nd notch with the dash slightly to the left of the groove. Both 1st cylinder lobes pointing in a v pattern at TDC. Upon cranking, motor was hesitant, but didn't start. No starter fluid used. No backfire or smoke from carbs or exhaust. The 2nd pics posted are the same setting, but set to 1st notch with dash slightly to the left of the groove. A whine upon cranking. Had to use starter fluid. It would bob and backfire on both the header and carbs. Rear carb backfires loads, sometimes spits sparks!! The front carb hesitates when fluid is sprayed and the rear backfires and sometimes out of the front carb.The carbs are turned 2 revolutions down from the top flush. I drained the float tanks twice and there was fuel inside. Now, I need advice and help before I burn this beauty!! Any advice on using schneider 274F cam? how to set cam timing for such cam. Cant upload the videos, Ill try to attach them.
  3. whoa!!! Amazing... I've put my 240z project due to not knowing how to fabricate the whole rear taillight valance. I shall extensively consider using you ideas to build one. Best luck and bravo!!
  4. Such amazing work!! I like the WWII-fighter look, nutty. Are you planning to paint something on the driver-side?
  5. I just saw the video, truly sorry about the car. Im glad that your well, and spirited to re-mend her. Best luck!
  6. A friend helping me weld the 240z is on the same team. I think the blue or green class, and drives a black 300zxTT.
  7. Nice progress and work. You are my inspiration!! Where did you order your OEM Nissan bolts and nuts? Im having trouble finding some, most Nissan dealer's have discontinued some of the parts.
  8. There are two types of thoughts; emotional and rational thoughts. Im a rational thinker, except when behind the steering wheel.

  9. I'm going to miss it, the Rezoom Motorsports. Im not getting paid today due to the northern-side harsh weather... Have fun!!
  10. Nice progress!! I'm interested in tracking my zed too. I live in Raleigh, NC and I would like to see your project. And get some wise advice... PM me.
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