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79 280zx s13 rear subframe conversion

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So the motor in my S13 recently blew and i decided to part it out. I have a 79 auto 280zx coupe(not 2+2). I already threw the Apexi N1 coilovers from the S13 on, new brakes, drilled slotted rotors, ZG flares, things for the motor here and there. But getting to the point, I have a fully built S13 rear subframe that I'd prefer to put in the 280 to fix the suspension geometry(which is just ridiculous with the trailing arm setup). My main question is, what would I have to do with the diff? Would i keep the r180 that's currently in it and swap on the axle shafts from the r200 short nose from the S13 or? What would I have to do for the differential for this to work properly?

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You swap the entire subframe as a unit with arms and legs together... then you figure out how to make s13 rear coilovers work, and order a custom driveshaft.



Here's a kind of writeup on the process for the Z31 guys who do the same: trailing arm->multilink



I offer a kit that might help you do the swap:


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