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Loftwing, The L28et 260Z

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Hi I am Will S. and I am a Z addict. 


you might have seen my other build thread on here http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/116744-rolling-with-the-punches-a-75-280z-v8-refresh/  .


But as of today I now have bought a second Z car that I will be fixing up for my dad. Its a 74 260Z with a 82 L28et swap with a auto trans. Its a bit rough But dose run and drive and the price was so right only 1K. And the car already has pansport 15x7 wheels, 225/50/15 tires, St sway bars,Tokico illumina schocks, Tokico lowering springs,and a full Prothane bushing kit and a custom exhaust and 5 layers of paint. It  has the makings of being a very fun car with some time and money. So Let get this one started,and did I mention this is my first Z with a L motor so please feel free to drop me any advice on modding A L28ET or any good threads for it.


Thanks Will S.  






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Got the car home Friday and cleaned it out it had so much trash in it you could not see the passenger floor board or cargo area, and had more rubber bands in it then I have ever seen anywhere. All the carpet was trashed so I pulled 90% of it out. and was planing on taking it to the wash but the battery is toast and the brakes are no good so that did not happen but that should be a easy fix. But the little  while I spent  driving the car it, misses and has no power but when sitting still runs great granted it a touch hard to start. I am very sure it has some boost/vac leaks. And needs a tune up due to it sitting for 5 years with the same gas in it. I am putting the the order today for some tuneup stuff from the Z store along with SS brake lines and some new pads. The l28et is going to be a adventure for me if anyone has some advice on the miss while under load please chime in.



                 Will S.


post-19246-0-66528500-1422897678_thumb.jpg drive home selfie (while at stop sign)

post-19246-0-94448700-1422897679_thumb.jpg  home safe!



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Got some more pics of the car yesterday, ya its a bit rough but for a grand I am not mad. You can see some of the rubber bands I have not got to yet, The weather is said to be nice this up coming weekend so the car will get a good cleaning and a new battery and I will see what it looks like under the 5 years of dirt. One thing I have noticed is how much lower it sits than my 280 Z's look good low. 


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Got the car to the was and got 5 years of dirt and junk off the car and its first vacuuming ever I think. So no more rubber bands and nastiness.   Only bad thing to come out of the wash is now the head light do not work now so I will just add that to the list.I did get my first round of parts in and more are on the way. 




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Curious...how is the condition of the undercarriage on your car?

It is not bad, some rust the frame rails are solid as rock only one very small rust through spot on the passenger floor board, only bad rust spot is on the driver inner fender well close to were the frame rail connects. So 7/10 I would say. I will snap some pics this weekend.  

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Got all my parts in! Now I get need to get the car running properly, It dose not want to crank all the time even with a new battery you can hear the bindix in gauge but will not turn over. I have changed the plugs and wires out now to a new set of Taylor's and NGK's and am trying to track down vac and boost leaks, I found the turbo intake tube to be barely on and had a plug in it missing. so I pulled the maf and cleaned it and put it all back on  and attached the hose that had fallen off and now it runs worse. I also cleaned all the electrical connections, and am still having very little luck getting it running good. The l28et is a picky one but I will get it sorted if the weather ever gives me a break.



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Well its spring now and the weather as cleared up other than the occasional tornado. I have been spending some time on the 260Z  trying to get is sorted out. The car has never run right did not have power like it should, so I have need going through and trying different things and got my boost gauge installed along with my water temp. I had a brake through yesterday I am a dumb dumb and did not check the plug wire order when I changed the plugs and wires I just put then were they came from even though I know better. I also found a boost controller tucked in the engine bay that was rusted and bad a dirt dobber nest on it. So I removed it and and just went off waste gate control and corrected the plug wires and WOW the car now makes 6psi , much better than the 2 it was making before. Its running strong not still needs some fine tuning and is a touch boggy at low rmp and stumbles some times but its no much better.I have also got the car off the ground for the first time and got to take a good look under it and low and be hold it has a R200 swapped in it already. but I did have a bad fuel leak and found some good rust behind the driver seat but nothing that cant be fixed. im so excited now to get the car even better its running so good I need to fix the brakes now..... so that is next!


the good 



the not so good 




running not good .. very slow only 1psi 

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The term ups and downs is all I can use to describe what has been going on with the car. so last post i had got the car running better than it had been much better, so much so I needed to fix the brakes. Well that turned in to a nightmare that took over a month with ordering parts and finding more problems. Found some major rust on the driver floor pan, both front brake caliper hard lines were some home made twist of 10 inches of brake line, and the pass side caliper was frozen, made a new intake pipe for the turbo, got all the new brake stuff installed and bled, installed a boost controller, cleaned up the front suspension, re painted it , under coated the fender wells, repaired the HUGE hole in the front of the drivers floor board. and repaired the front valance and sprayed it red with some dip. 


All of this to get ready for my dad to come check out the car for the first time, and take it to IFO here in Tulsa and run it in the 1/4 mile.

I only get to drive the car once before he comes up and it was ok did not feel great and felt like it had a huge boost leak or something, he shoes up drives the car and is very happy with the way it handles but wishes it had more power. its not even as fast as a NA L28  right now , witch is very disappointing, none the less we spend Saturday (IFO is on Sunday) trying to find and thing wrong with the car i pull the J pipe and check the seals and the intake tube and all vac lines and find nothing wrong. so we give up at 5pm and look fwd to just seeing what the car runs in its slow slow state.


Ifo starts at 10am so we decide getting there at 9.15 am we should be able to drive right up and park. Not so lucky there was a huge line and the cars temp started climbing the longer we set. we were 2 cars from paying and parking and the car hits 240F and just dies, so we push it over to the side and let it sit for a while and cool down, jump it and it fires right up 180F and ok but my low rmp missing has come back.


we go get the car teched in and go park and enjoy the show till the test and tune racing starts and we make our pass a whopping 17.7 @79 mhp SLOW , we let the car sit for a bit and eat some food and check out some of the nice cars, and let the car rest. I also removed the MBC off the car at his time to see if it made a difference and it did not second pass was a 17.8@ 78 MPH , it was around 1pm and 98F outside so we called it a day and headed home slightly sad with our times and car still felt like it had a boost leak and was missing.


So ups and downs, found my boost leak is coming from the stock pop off valve due to me adding boost with out having that blocked off. the miss still eludes me but it could be due to my new intake tube so i will swap the stock one back on and see I also ordered a  wiring harness repair kit with all new injector plugs and all other sensor on the motor all of mine have no clips and all the boots are cracked. I hope to make some head way soon any ideas on the miss would be appreciated.  all and all I still love this car it is so different from my sbc Z.



               post-19246-0-86414100-1434037829_thumb.jpg before

post-19246-0-59094900-1434037834_thumb.jpg after

post-19246-0-07774600-1434037833_thumb.jpg before

post-19246-0-82974400-1434037831_thumb.jpg after

post-19246-0-79215100-1434037835_thumb.jpgduring post-19246-0-10255300-1434037837_thumb.jpg after 




post-19246-0-42014200-1434038058_thumb.jpgwaiting to get in 


post-19246-0-33766100-1434038012_thumb.jpg staging lanes 

post-19246-0-79767100-1434038017_thumb.jpg first pass 

post-19246-0-83967600-1434038020_thumb.jpg cool down  post-19246-0-49046500-1434038014_thumb.jpgpost-19246-0-49206300-1434038013_thumb.jpg

post-19246-0-47166900-1434038016_thumb.jpg second pass


post-19246-0-87407300-1434038018_thumb.jpg the man that go me in to Z cars 


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my 83 stock L28et  has a stumble at idle, dose not want to take throttle under load, will not build boost till high rpm, and will only make 4 PSI .

I have verified all injectors are working, all cylinders are firing, I can not find any boost leaks on the stock Jpipe , I have cleaned all electrical connectors and grounds per instruction on http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/electricalconnections/index.html , and checked all grounds , car is running stock engine management system. The car takes throttle very well at idle but sounds like it had a random miss 


any help would be very much appreciated.



 The stumble under load can be heard here at 25-30 secs in to vid very clear. 





Just a short vid of the issues with the car and showing it taking throttle at idle  

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Its been a while and I have been busy working on the car and driving it.




New TPS my old one saw full of water and oil no good, swapped out properly adjusted made a noticeable difference at idle.



all new plug for the motor harness, not a hard job and well worth it found many wires that snapped off when I touched them. My and my soldering iron got some quality time. made a some difference in the performance and a huge difference in peace of mind.










after all this the car was running good making solid  9-10 psi and pulling hard so it was time to install in intercooler. I could of done the easy thing and bought a kit but were is the fun in that, I got a same side intercooler off ebay that are know to be a good quality product, tossed all the mounting hardware in the trash and made my own brackets the top is just some alu flat stock super simple and the bottom mount is some more flats stock with some 90's on it bolted were the bumper brackets once lived. it all came out just like I wanted it. now for the piping, about as straight forward as you can get one 90 on the cold side and chop the stock J pipe doe the 2" 90 on the hot side. a few unions and step downs and some measuring on were I wanted to put the bov and weld in the bov pipe and it came out just life I wanted.












I also made a adapter for a 1gen dsm bov but the spring is a bit strong for now so I am using a Amazon special BOV.



all is good other then losing 4psi when I put the intercooler on, is it normal to see a drop in boost when you do this mod?


the other issue I am having and it totally random, on start up the car will idle up and down and some times die up to around 1100 rpm then down to 400, if you put it in gear when it is dong this it will die 90% of the time, the other 10% you cant get it going and if you drive it for a 2-5 mins it normalize. you can hear the fuel pump going up and down with the rmp also. any input would be great  

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Wow its been a while, After much fussing and fighting with the car I got it running well. It now has a new fuel pump, the timing set correctly it was 11* off , wastegate is messed up and is now disconnected, my BOV was leaking, and to top it all off my turbo will not boost over 8 psi even with the wastegate disconnected so it needs some love.

But all the negatives aside, the car is running better then ever I spent most of this last Friday and Saturday getting all the issues taken care of in hope it take it to the strip Saturday night, and thanks to much help for this community and the FB community I made it out.


best time was my 3rd pass of the night a 15.470 @96.4 




pass #5 of the night  my 260z vs my friends 370z  // 260z,15.891 @94.41   // 370z 14.651 @100.08

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My 7th and final run of the night was my 260z vs my friends 350z  //260z 15.678 @95.07// 350z 14.566 @95.98 



And now the car is going to stay as is for a bit I am moving to Dallas Tx in a few weeks and am trying to find a place that to put and work on the car. I already have some new parts on order and some in hand, just need the time and space to do the work. will be much faster next track day. 





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