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  1. Well I just picked up a extra 3n71b , and found a local guy who had his converter built for it and I am going that route. Ya it’s hard to find that list I have been looking!
  2. Wow it’s been a while, but here is a quick update on the 260. My my dad is currently in position and has been for a year now and loves the car. There is the current set up. Engine: L28et- stock oil pan to cam Ported 76 intake ceramic coated Custom heat shield intake/turbo Thermal Zero turbo blanket Thermal Zero aluminized heat wrap on all intercooler, and intake piping Weber throttle body Palnet fuel rail 440cc injectors EBay FMIC Turbosmart BOV Turbosmart internal wastegate AGP T3T4 H-Trim tur
  3. Kits still available? Would like to buy 2 please in Texas we do love our drag racing
  4. The nistune will run about 6-800 out the door with tune done. Tack on a extra 200 if i want to upgrade the maf. As for the CAI I'm trying to work on something better with a friend of mine some fab work involved. I do not have space infront of the IC I spaced it out a good bit from the rad when I made my kit.
  5. Got it FIXED!! Thanks for all the help man. Installed a new narrow band O2 for The ECU Bumped the fuel pressure up to 43 static and BOOM all is ok. And it hauls butt even at 8psi and 12 is nuts. It's a bit rich under full boost so the ECU is being sent off to have the Nistune board installed soon.
  6. Update. Still not running great. Car has no curve to adjust stock 84ecu . Car has 2 o2 sensors. a stock narrow band for the ECU, And a wide band installed for tuning. The narrow narrow band os located i the stock L28et position 10ish inches post turbo. With the wbo2 mounted 26" post turbo. Pulled ecu codes nothing wrong there No exhaust leaks at all on the car. I gave it some more timing now set at 30° seams to like it more. Still having the same issu
  7. How is it going my Z fam. I am have a issue on my L28et i did not have with my last setup. And was wonder if I could pick your brains for some thoughts. The car has a bad stumble on acceleration from any speed. It leans out but it always recovers after a few seconds. This is a issue on light throttle takeoffs from stop lights and in stop and go traffic. The car has even died on me a few time due to this issue. Any help would be much appreciated! I have attached a video of issue from a few days ago.
  8. Here is a quick preview of the car in its current state. AGP T3T4 H-TRIM Cleaned up just a few things And the outside looks a little different too.
  9. Almost 2 years wow...alot has changed on this car. And in some ways not much.. Could be because it was been down much of the time sence the last post. Was down for 5 months in 2016 due to a crazy work schedule so it took forever to change fuel rail and up grade the system. Then in Oct of 2016 I killed the turbo at the drag strip and am just now getting the car back running. With alot of big changes. Pics to come soon along with I hope some good old HZ advice. Glad to be back HW
  10. Well its been a crazy past few years for me... But I am finally making some progress on the Z. The plan to go LS is gone! I am staying SBC the motor is built and pics will be on the way soon. Car will be much more fun on a bun.
  11. Well its been a crazy past few years for me... But I am finally making some progress on the Z. The plan to go LS is gone! I am staying SBC the motor is built and pics will be on the way soon. Car will be much more fun on a bun.
  12. Well all the plugs were clean, compression test was good 118 -120 ALL across. But the turbo on the other hand is TOASTED. https://youtu.be/da-mKm9G3sQ As you can see in the video. Good call Tony D. Now time to send it off to be upgraded to a t3t4 with 360 thrusts.
  13. The noise is at 18 secs. It's like a high pich wine then a hwoop noise. Smoke is whiteish smells like oil.
  14. Hello HZ family. L28et,fmic,mbc,fpr@34, stock t3, stock block and head. Z31 ecu I was at the drag strip on Friday and had something bad happen and I am trying to get some help with a possible diagnosis. Car had been running good all night but only making 10 psi. When it should of been at 14psi using mbc. So we marked at took apart the mbc cleaned it and set back to were it was marked. Went to make another pass and car came on to boost as was at 14-15 psi I looked over to check my afr and looked back at boost and saw 17psi and then it made a weird noise and lost power. Car
  15. Well it's fixed, the exhaust wrap was holding to much heat in the pipe and causing a lean conditions. Found a old articles about then benefits and risk of exhaust wrap and lean condition was one of the risks so I trimmed back my wrap job and took the car for a drive and woot all good
  16. Fuel pressure under load is great gaining 1.5 psi per
  17. No signs of missfire. And yes as soon as I fished the coolant system. I have a in line gauge and at idle I have 40 psi and have changed both fuel filters. And if I pull the vac line off the stock fpr it increases 9psi. I hvae pulled the afm and run the car with it hooked up and set to the side with me minlupating the flap and I can correct the lean at idle by doing that I'm thinking the afm might be the issue. And I have the stuff to do the z31 swap along with a new fuel system including fpr.
  18. Hello my good Zfamily: My et swapped 260z has been running well up to this last weekend. I changed the radiator, thermostat, fan belt, and wrapped the downpip, and now it's running very lean under load. I did remove the fmic to install the radiator but have checked all the clamps and joints for leaks. It starts getting lean as soon as the vac starts to switch in to boost, and if you give it more throttle it goes very lean 19-21 on my gauge. Now when your just cruising it seams to be ok 14.3-15. Has any one had these issues. I have tested the afm,tps,and chts via the fsm. Thanks for an
  19. Went to the track aging two weekends ago, and was happy with the results. A slight bump it boost to 10 psi I have a few more goodies on order and hope to make it to the track once more before it closes for winter. my biggest hold back is still the auto trans.
  20. I will do that, this is my other Z SBC 280z but it is getting the motor pulled due to a knock and might be getting a LS.
  21. Had another great weekend with the car, had a OKZCC Z car show this weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma and I took home 1st place in 240/260Z. So many beautiful 280Z in the area they have there own category. Only bad thing from the weekend was my driver seat back broke as i was leaving the car show so after getting home I ripped out the seats found some more rust spots, laid down some rust kill paint and ten some flat black, and swapped the passenger seat to the driver side for now.. I also snagged this beautiful fuel rail from a friend who is selling off
  22. Got some of my parts on order, Have any of you run a aftermarket wastegate on you stock turbo? I also ordered a now BOV.. And here are a few vids from the drag strip on Saturday night I figured the car was running better then it ever has why not take it out and see how much it has improved scene I picked it up. Best Pass: Me vs my friends 350Z .. we had the same trap speed yet he was a sec faster. Cant wait to get my new parts in and see if I can break 100mph and that 10psi wastegate should help.
  23. My 7th and final run of the night was my 260z vs my friends 350z //260z 15.678 @95.07// 350z 14.566 @95.98 And now the car is going to stay as is for a bit I am moving to Dallas Tx in a few weeks and am trying to find a place that to put and work on the car. I already have some new parts on order and some in hand, just need the time and space to do the work. will be much faster next track day.
  24. Wow its been a while, After much fussing and fighting with the car I got it running well. It now has a new fuel pump, the timing set correctly it was 11* off , wastegate is messed up and is now disconnected, my BOV was leaking, and to top it all off my turbo will not boost over 8 psi even with the wastegate disconnected so it needs some love. But all the negatives aside, the car is running better then ever I spent most of this last Friday and Saturday getting all the issues taken care of in hope it take it to the strip Saturday night, and thanks to much help for this community and the FB com
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