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Bride Histrix bucket seat

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Ok so I have been in contact with Bride recently and have been pushing for some of the Histrix seats that they used to make.
They are not for everyone since I know these seats are more $$ than most want to spend BUT I also know there are some who have sought these seats for some time now.

So just this week they have given me good news and are willing to make me a set.

Now this is something that will be done for a short while so I am trying to see if there is any more interest to help bring down the price.
They are supposed to get back to me tomorrow with a Retail price they will create and a discount level. They estimate it to be around $2000-$2200 retail for seat and I am shooting for $1800 for the group buy.


Hope I am not violating any rules by gauging interest. Either way I will be ordering my seats soon.


Feedback will be appreciated.


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Rooger, just wondering if anything ever came of this?  I'd love to see some pics of the Histrix in your car!


KevvinG, Unfortunately I have long since sold the car and I am starting on a new project. They did make these available again though so hopefully we will start seeing them more often. 

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