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81 280zx turn signal issues after dash re-install

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Hey gurus,


After filling the cracks in my dash (albeit crappy, rushed and shottily) and muscling it back in I cant get my turn signals to work properly. I'm pretty sure my friend smashed the combination switch or something when we were putting it back in and refuses to admit it haha. Rear signals work intermittently, hazards work only in the rear and front signals are just plain MIA regardless of how much I cry about it. Signal relay was swapped yesterday so that was a shot in the dark that missed. Haven't put a multimeter onto it yet, still trying to find my wiring diagram :/


Could any of you fine folks give me an explanation of how to rebuild/clean/repair the combination switch if possible? I've come up with nothing and looking at the prices of comb. switches (new and rebuilt) made me cringe so any help would be appreciated. And if the whole thing is pretty easy/self explanatory thats even better!








P.S. - Dont ask about how the dash came out, its still a sore subject :cry2:

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Pulling the dash in a 280 is easy - no more than a 90-minute job after the first time. There are only 8 screws holding it in after you pull the radio console. Not sure why you had problems.  I've documented the process online a number of times. 


See: http://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/306057-how-remove-280zx-dashboard.html 


It's easy to pull the steering wheel and take a look at the combination switch. But if nothing obvious is visible, I'd get another combination switch and replace it. 


And "muscling" something like a dash in is the single fastest way to damage parts and create problems for yourself. With time, we tend to learn that.

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