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Hey there! 


I am new to this forum and I need some help. I bought a 1975 280z almost a year ago and have been working on it when ever I get the chance, and due to a busy college schedule isn't very often. My z started with nothing more than a body and some wheels and since then I have recently gotten to the point of being able to start her up. Unfortunately, as I expected the engine desperately needs to be rebuilt. I was wondering if anyone knows someone in the Denver area that could help me do it. I am getting shoulder surgery in may and will be out of commission for most of the summer, so I would really like to be able to drop my engine off and have her looking good by the time I am recovered. 


Thanks a whole bunch to anyone that can help me

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Maybe not what you're looking to do, but I am in the Denver area and have a spare L28 laying around that I would be willing to get rid of for pretty cheap.  The compression numbers aren't fantastic on it but it's fuel injected (1976) and I would be willing to help you troubleshoot your way through it if you are interested.  I'm just learning myself and am a year in on my 77 280z.   Best of luck!

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