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Any quality vendors for rebuilt 15/16" brake master cylinders?

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I have read every post I can find on brake upgrades and have run into an issue I hope someone can help with.


I have a 4/73 240 with a brand new 8.5" booster that I really dont want to replace, but will if I have to. I also have the non vented Toyota 4x4 calipers on the front with stock drums in the rear. The master is a stock 7/8" unit and the fluid volume is not sufficient to operate the new calipers to full brake pressure, which is exactly what numerous posts have mentioned. 


I have read and heard countless stories about premature failures in the 15/16" rebuilt masters ('79 to '81 ZX?), so I have been looking at the 1" Tilton, which looks like a good unit.


However, I have read in my many searches that using the Tilton with the 8.5" booster gives a very stiff pedal and high braking effort. I dont really want that feel when I'm just cruising most of the time. I did auto cross my last Z at times, and may do the same with this one, but it will mostly be used for fun runs and the like.


So, my question is, what to do?? Is there a good vendor with reliable 15/16" masters? Am I wrong about the 1" Tilton/8.5" booster combination?


I tried another larger booster, from an unknown year Z, but it didnt fit. The diameter measured out around 10.5" but that could be off a little. The bolt pattern was correct to the firewall, but it hit the throttle bracket going in. It also looks like it will interfere with the clutch master, but it is out of the car so not sure. Maybe this one is just too large and their is another year that will fit??


Thanks in advance





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Did you mean 1 inch Wilwood MC?


When I had Toyota solid front and stock drums with stock 7 inch booster with 280ZX MC in my 72 240Z the pedal was stiff.





My current brake setup: Toyota solid front, 240sx rear, Wilwood 1 inch master cylinder,  77 280Z 8.5 inch booster. 


Originally, I used a 79 280ZX master cylinder and stock 7 inch  booster. The pedal was stiff. When the 79 280ZX master cylinder failed I discovered that they were no longer available and chose to use the Wilwood 1 inch brake master cylinder.


Thinking that using  the larger diameter Wilwood master cylinder would result in a stiffer pedal I replaced the stock booster with one from a 77 280Z.


The brake pedal travel for the 79 280ZX MC and the Wilwood MC is about the same, but with the 280Z booster the pedal requires very little effort to engage the brakes with good modulation.


Brake feel: initial pedal feel is loose the first inch of travel and then braking comes on linearly with very little  effort. The brake feel is a lot like the ABS brakes in my Nissan Frontier.  The pedal is about 1 inch from the floor at full braking.


For those considering swapping out 240Z booster for a 280Z booster, If you select  the right year 280Z booster the clevis that connects the booster to the brake pedal can be used.  There is a post in the brake section that explains the thread changes for the 280Z booster and which one allows using the stock clevis.


I was limited to using the 8.5 280Z booster because the 7/8 Tilton clutch MC I used for my Camaro T5 transmission was in the way. Other HybridZ members pointed out that using a 7/8 Wilwood  clutch MC (smaller body) would have allowed me to use a larger diameter booster.

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