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does anyone have good blueprints or lots of specs, I'm not 100% sure everything that would be necessary but the more information the better for heads like the kenmarei spl l6 head or something like the os giken l24 head?


i know i will need:

volume of chamber

geometry of a chamber - this is the big difference from a normal head and spl head

spacing of chambers / other holes

water passages - sizing / direction / shape or geometry 

cam tower measurements 

geometry / sizing of valves - i know i can measure the valves but i want to see what size the bore is

oil passages - same info needed as water passages

size of threads


lots of intricacies - if things taper / angles / slopes / things that aren't seen can easily be over looked




i have access to some machines that could potentially be used to print something like this out and have all summer to do the cad work myself with the help of some others, i think it would be an interesting way to get a cheap high performance head. I have an extra n42 head laying around and will probably start by sizing that one up and then trying to adjust the chambers to look / function like those in the spl head... Trying to start the project with research




pics and updates to come periodically, please any input or ideas would be helpful!!!


I know plenty of people have attempted DOHC cam heads mated to l series but my primary goal is working on a cheap and easy (relatively)  revised head which is why the SPL head would be idea as it just modifies the combustion chambers and there is no need for crazy cam tower / fluid passages work... i mentioned the giken head because it has all of that stuff solved! 

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In the aerospace industry I have seen experimental machines that "print" in aluminum and stainless steel. Hope you have access to something like that.


If you are going to the trouble of CAD, start from scratch and optimize the design. If you have access to part scanning technology, find a head and have it scanned. Then you can import it into your software and put the water and oil passages in.


Good luck with your project.

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Nasa does a lot of research at my school and i have a friend who told me he can try and squeak some of my stuff into some high end printers without too many questions being asked (his work is completely unrelated to them just uses facilities near by) probably will be printing in something like aluminum. Access to a scanner is unknown... Starting from scratch and optimizing is a lot more than i want to start off doing, it will become a part of the process eventually but id like to just get something basic printed then see its flaws / strong points and work from there... I also don't want to mess around with too much like timing chain and coolant passages and have to address those issues, just dealing with the combustion chamber and a changing up the intake / exhaust ports will be good enough for what I'm looking for and make extra work minimal


I messaged Derek as well, to see if he'd loan me some cad files we'll see where that goes...

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DLM printing a head is possible. Nascar is doing a lot of prototyping with this method. But it is not cost effective and I would never call it cheap. Figure 3 to 4x cost of castings, but no tooling costs. Dereck's approach is still most economical. In addition, I've never seen a machine capable of printing anything that long. EOS are the most common. The only way to do it right is to section a head and laser scan. Otherwise you will be guessing much of the internal passages. If you could produce an exact 3d model, the printing is easy IF you are working with someone who knows how to run the machine and is familiar with aluminum alloys, not a bunch of grad students. And dont forget you still have the challenge of adding all the machine surfaces to the correct datums after printing. Not an easy task, just ask Derek.

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Yea I've been talking to him a bit seems more complicated than originally expected.... I have to look into the facilities more to see exactly what would be possible but we have here but it would be cheaper for me because more 3-d modeling/printing is free =) or you can find a grant.... casting may still be in the cards as well as we have good facilitates for that but a 3d print / render of the head would make casting a lot faster. Getting those scans seems like quite the stumbling point right now... 

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