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  1. ctc

    all streetability aside 2.8L

    Documented? When I was researching strokers I kept seeing between 320 and 400 flywheel. I find it hard to believe 0.2L add that much hp potential. I would think most of the max race guys are mid 300's. This also checks with the power the turbo guys can get out of their engines, assuming a turbo is just a power multiplier of a well flowing NA engine.
  2. ctc

    3-d printed head

    In the aerospace industry I have seen experimental machines that "print" in aluminum and stainless steel. Hope you have access to something like that. If you are going to the trouble of CAD, start from scratch and optimize the design. If you have access to part scanning technology, find a head and have it scanned. Then you can import it into your software and put the water and oil passages in. Good luck with your project.
  3. ctc

    1978 280z Total Loss

    Since it is not your fault, get a lawyer. The other persons insurance company by law has to replace it for your valuation or make it whole again. They fix $35,000 Mercedes all day long. You need an advocate! Your insurance company should support you in this, as they will try to recover anything they pay you.
  4. Cylinder head temp is the one in head. Other is knock. Same as the last time you asked this question in Nov of 2014. I even googled your other post for the win!
  5. ctc

    L6 heads; pics and descriptions

    Looks like Bryan's site has issues. That is where they were posted.
  6. ctc

    280zxt engine harness question

    Change to the 83 distributor and follow the wiring guide in the FAQ's. This will allow you to hook it up like stock. Use stock ignition for the 83 or search for the mod to use the HEI.
  7. ctc

    Turbo Tube Header for the L28

    I'd worry more about that than trying to judge potential bench racing performance gains from pictures. The modern version is "Build it, dyno it to prove it, and they may come...if you give it away! Yes to both comments! There are a few people in the world that can look at a manifold and know that it will make power. I am not one of them. Since I am not, I would like to see that those offering products to at least have something built, installed and tested. I will pay for proven quality provided the value is there. Maybe you guys know the OP's background, but it is not clear from the original post. Maybe it's sloth on my part for not researching but it's not unusual to ask to see a product be for you by it. Ok done racing this bench. We'll see what the OP comes up with.
  8. ctc

    Turbo Tube Header for the L28

    Do you have a prototype ready? Would need to see test results and photos to judge potential performance gains. Ideal price point would be less than the proven performance gains of the ones you can get from Japan. Don't want to end up like JeffP and find out that the stock manifold is actually better.
  9. I am selling my Kameari timing components from an aborted build. Twin Idler, Adjustable Cam Gear and HD timing chain. These were installed once, but never ran. Pricing is $500 shipped for twin idler with English instructions. Will sell timing chain and gear for $200 shipped. Please send PM if interested. Thank you
  10. That gap definitely doesn't help force air through the radiator, but having some ducting from the side vents might. It would be a bear to build and seal, not to mention you would have to remove the ducting to work on the engine unless you have a larger access hatch in the rear deck. My guess is the area ratio between the gap and radiator relative to the side vent drops the velocity to near zero at the rad. Would be interesting to get a pressure reading in the vent relative to sealed engine bay. You could then figure rad velocity based on the areas.
  11. Thanks for the measurements. Based on reading else where, I was coming to the conclusion that the air velocity was so low out of the side vents that it basically stagnates in the engine bay. I also read the original type 4 fan was designed to pull from a static air plenum.
  12. This was the thread I was thinking about. Not exactly what you asked, but may provide ideas. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/83459-laminova-intercooler-concept/