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Ford V8Z Fuel Economy

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I'm still in the process of building my Z so I can't chime in on this just yet, but I am curious to see how other projects have turned out. Obviously, we're not building these things for hypermiling, but I would imagine that with the right gearing in such a light car, that some are seeing relatively good fuel economy for a v8 powered car.


My thought is to create a thread where people can post their numbers up just to see what our cars are getting. Post up any relevant info as it applies to fuel economy (i.e.:engine size, carb or efi, etc.). Get as detailed as you would like regarding driving conditions.


I'll use my truck as an example of what a good post might look like since the z isn't running yet.




1999 Dodge Ram 3500 2wd Dually

Engine: 5.9L ISB Cummins

Transmission: NV4500 w/US Gear O/D

Rear end ratio: 4.11:1 

Additional info: Edge tuner, upgraded wastegate, Banks 3" exhaust

Observed fuel economy: 24mpg cruising at 60mph in 5th gear with the overdrive engaged

                               ~16mpg around town

                               ~15mpg towing roughly 10,000lbs at an average speed of 55mph in 4th gear with overdrive engaged

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77 Datsun 280z

Engine: 6.2 LS3 N/A (cammed)

Transmission: T56 Magnum

Rear end ratio: 4.11:1 (R200H From an R34)

Additional info: Shorties, Borla ATAK mufflers

Observed fuel economy: 26mpg in 6th crusing at 70 (it's a shame I never drive it that slow...)

                               ~18 in town


I had a turbo'd 5.3 LM7 in it prior and had roughly the same MPG.

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Here is my combo.

92 Mustang GT engine. Rebuilt with stock lower end.

Aluminum heads, ported intake and a couple of other mods.

263 HP, 285 TQ to the wheels.

Z spec T5

3:70 LSD

2600 LBS

+ Power steering and AC


I haven't really figured it out because I don't care, but I'm guessing over 30 on the freeway, in the 20's somewhere around town and I am rather "spirited" when I drive it. No idea what I'd get if I kept my foot out of it, but that isn't what I built it for!!  


I recently had the car dyno tuned, gained about 40hp to the wheels and my fuel mileage actually WENT UP! I couldn't believe it. 


So much so that I stopped to fill up with gas because I thought my fuel gauge was stuck, I was shocked when it only took just under 7 gallons (3 trips to work, 60 miles round trip + a few errands and I was easily over 200 miles.  

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Well, not a Z, but it will provide another data point.  82 Volvo 242, 2980 lbs. w/o driver; 3.55 gears with T5z (.62 5th); 91 5.0L short block, AFR165, ported Explorer intake, 65mm t/b, 75mm maf, 24# injectors, custom cam (mild duration, lots of lift and ramp rate); 1 5/8" shorties with dual 2.5" exhaust.  Routinely got 17-18 in the city and 25-26 on the highway.  Best tank of interstate only, really working at it was 28.7 mpg.  Just got through swapping in an LS3 --- looks like it's going to do about the same as the 5.0L - with 100 more HP/lb-ft.

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