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WTB r200 3.36 longnose


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I can confirm the model listed above, since that's what my personal 3.36 R200 came out of.  To get my 3.36 R200 I had to stalk the owner for 2 years, make (3) 4-hour round trips with cash in-hand and in the end buy the whole car for $300.  After that much work, my 3.36 will remain in my possession until my widow puts my parts stash up for sale.  I will be installing an LSD carrier and using it for a 200mph standing mile attempt some time in the next 5 years.  I found my 3.36 donor car on a tip from a fellow hybridz member in Syracuse, NY who had seen the car listed on ebay and knew how rare it was.  Prior to that I had chased several leads in the hybridz classifieds that wound up being dead-ends.  If the seller says they have a 3.36 R200, but is too lazy to go out to the shed to double-check the ratio or send you a photo of the ring gear stamping, just walk away.  Stick to it-they are out there.

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