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  1. zguy240

    240z doors in Los angeles only

  2. zguy240


    I have one side, 818 298-2549.
  3. I need two left doors and one passenger door for 240z 818 298-2549.
  4. zguy240

    R200 front mount and insulator

    I have the R200 front cross member and a solid insulator located in glendale CA 818 298-2549.
  5. zguy240

    280zx 1982 exhause manifold needed

    I have a 280zx exhaust manifold, F54 marking, broken Egr tube if interested, 818 298-2549.
  6. zguy240

    Need R200 side stubs

    I have a pair. 818 298-2549.
  7. zguy240

    280zx turbo intake manifold

    I have a couple 280zx turbo intake manifolds, 818 298-2549.
  8. zguy240

    P90 head

    I have a P90 head in great shape, 818 298-2549.
  9. zguy240

    Turbo Dizzy (82/82)

    I have a turbo dizzy with the oil shaft, asking $150 plus shipping 818 298-2549.
  10. zguy240

    Automatic transmission bellhousing

    I have an Auto bell housing if still interested, 818 298-2549.
  11. zguy240

    WTB: JDM valve cover

    I have a Turbo and a non turbo have pics, 818 298-2549.
  12. zguy240

    Wtb solid lifters

    i have a P79 head can send the solid lifters and spring clips, $100 shipped have paypal, Zguy240@gmail.com.
  13. zguy240

    N47 head needed in Los Angeles

    If its the one in Anahiem that will work, 818 298-2549 is my cell, text me I might need more parts if you have them.
  14. zguy240

    N47 head needed in Los Angeles

    Jamal, hang on to the N42 head, I am coming to Phoenix in a week I will pick it up
  15. N47 head needed in Los Angeles, must be a good core complete with cam rockers, etc, call 818 298-2549.