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want to install MS2 - will I need to keep anything off the old '83 harness?


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Your going to need the connector ends for the Coil, Distributor. Your going to need a 240sx or a 90's nissan linear TPS Sensor and connecor.  Are you using the coolant temp sensor for engine coolant temp?.  


Can I find easy replacements for the Coil & Distributor connector ends?  I don't want to cut up a harness if those connectors are easy to source.  I'm not sure whether I will use the original coolant temp sensor.  Why do you ask, and what do you recommend?  :)

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Your going to have to look for the connector ends if you dont want to cut the harness. Or just cut the zxt dist wires right before the connector..


Not sure if the zxt has a cylinder head temp sensor or not.. You may be able to use that as an engine coolant reference for megasquirt. Your going to need connector ends for the injectors. They have quick disconnect ends online and at auto parts stores, that fit on the injector ends.

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I'm a little biased because I want that harness ;) but check this thread out about custom harnesses for the MS.




Their harnesses are really slick and seem very reasonably priced. The guy who does it is really nice too and will answer any questions you have about what you will need in your harness for the Mega Squirt.


Good Luck!

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