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Mega Squirt high quality custom harnesses


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I've designed and built several Mega Squirt harnesses for various Datsun projects.  I'm an Electronics Engineering Technologist so I've designed these harnesses for optimal noise immunity with high grade wiring to provide you with a highly reliable backbone for your Mega Squirt EFI system.  Electronic noise can cause all sorts of gremlins in your system.  To eliminate these issues all harnesses are configured with a robust grounding system as well as shielded cabling for all sensors.  The wiring is heat and chemical resistant to provide you with years of trouble free use.  EV1 connectors for the injectors use the quick disconnect plugs for ease of installation and removal – no more fighting with wire clips.


The basic harness is designed to plug into the stock sensors and injectors found on a stock L28ET engine.  This includes the injectors, 82-83 dizzy with optical encoder wheel (allows the use of stock or custom encoder wheels), TPS (after market – stock is a throttle position switch – MS requires a throttle position sensor which is a potentiometer rather than a switch), CHTS, Knock sensor (wired to main connector but not hooked up – MS requires extra hardware for the knock sensor), ignition coil, IAT (after market – stock IAT is built into the AFM but should be removed due to air restriction – MS uses a MAP sensor so the AFM is not required) and WBO2 sensor and power.  Connectors for the IAT, TPS and WBO2 will vary from installation to installation so the buyer can provide their own connectors for installation during the build of the harness or install them on the prepped associated cabling. Spares can be run for extra power, etc as requested.


You can add a relay/fuse block assembly to the basic harness.  One will provide power for an ignition enabled fuse panel which will provide fused power for the MS ECU, injectors, ignition coil, WBO2 and fuel pump as well as spares for additional power nearby the ECU.  The second relay provides ECU control and powers the fuel pump.  This can be configured to plug directly into the stock body wiring harness on the 280ZX and control the stock fuel pump using the stock fuel pump wiring if requested.  This eliminates the optional diyautotune relay and relay harness and gives you addtional fuses for your WBO2 and igntion coil as well as a spare.  The assembled relay board and relay board harness is $179.  Custom assembly is $150.


Optional custom cabling such as COP/CNP distributorless wiring is also available.  Typically the connectors will be installed with filter caps in close proximity to the COP/CNP connector to eliminate back EMF from the coil discharge and integrated into the harness.  Custom lengths and spacing for connectors can be built to the buyer’s specification.


Basic harness is $550.  Basic customization is also included in this price.  Additional cost for extra sub harnesses such as the COP/CNP is typically about $150.  I can also build and test your MS 2/3/3x ECU and load a base tune but this will be limited to my time schedule and number of custom orders.  This will allow the buyer to plug in the harness and ECU and get the car up and running (provided the car is mechanically functioning correctly) with minimal fuss.  A proper dyno tune is highly recommended for optimal performance.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.















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It should be. I work full time and do this on the side. The response has been very positive and I'll be pretty busy getting the first orders out as promptly as possible. These are quite time consuming but I take pride in my work and I'm not willing to compromise on quality. Hopefully we'll have some before and after pictures in a few weeks once I get the first sets out.

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I've had a few clients asking about using a 240SX TPS with their stock 280ZX Throttle body. You can sacrifice the stock 280ZX Throttle Position Switch and use it's back plate as an adapter for the 240SX TPS.  You just need to drill some holes and you're good to go.









There is a small piece of plastic on the 240SX that needs to be trimmed down so the TPS will sit flush on the adapter. 



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I just picked up my harness from the post office! I can tell you all that the level of craftsmanship and expertise that went into these is phenomenal. The posted pictures do absolutely no justice. 


Each set of wires is shielded and marked. Each connector is heat shrinked. He even gave me the complementing side of the connectors. 


It may be a while before I install mine, but I will get some pictures up later! 

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Last of the orders for the initial run going out on Friday.  Turns out there is a huge demand and a very positive response on the product so I'll post this as a group buy with this discounted pricing for HybridZ members - Prices elsewhere will be higher.

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Posted the same on facebook.

High quality doesn't even begin to describe this man's work. Through a series of text conversations, a totally custom harness was designed and built for my project. Unbelievable patience, customer service, and the quality... I've yet to see anything comparable. Masterful work.


One of the best investments I've made to date (7 years of ownership).

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So after almost a year of building MegaSquirt harnesses and pre configured MS units I've finally had a little bit of a lul in the action which let's me have some time to work on a complete custom body rewire on a VH45DE swapped 240Z. You can check out some of our builds at www.mackaypowerproducts.com

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