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ebay radiator: 1.250" diameter inlet/outlet... issue?

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Hi all...


I just received a radiator off of ebay, and it has 1.250" diameter inlet/outlet (though was noted as having 1.4" in ebay ad, I should complain). What are the issues I may face with this? Are the smaller sized holes limiting it's performance notably? Can I use the oem hoses and tighten up on the hose clamps?


I recall someone else having this issue, but I can't find that thread. IIRC, he replace the inlet/outlet with 1.5" ports.


Any advice is appreciated.

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If the inlet/outlet is too small,  and the hose inner diameter too large, you can buy hose reducer bushings at any auto parts store. If you want to spend the time you can find hoses that have different diameters at each end. Or you can buy a universal hose kit and make a Frankenstein hose.


No it won't effect performance and don't use hose clamps to make a hose fit on a smaller diameter inlet/outlet.  Do it right.

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