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Hey guys, I've got a 78 280Z with a V8 in it but my goal is to style it in JDM fashion, big flares, airdams, spoilers etc.


I have a build log you can check out here: www.vvise.net/z.php


I'll try to keep this thread up to date with an image or two when I make progress on the car. Just last night I rebuilt all my gauges with new white faces that I made and LED lights. I think the effect is amazing.




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loving it! nice work. what wheels are those?

They're Eagle Alloy 028 wheels 15x10. I got them from a member on these forums.


This past weekend I finally got around to getting the car out for a photo-shoot after lowering the suspension.






There will be more pictures coming, but I still need to do the processing.

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