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  1. Awesome!! Without sacrifice there's no victory...hmm..I heard that before
  2. beautiful, color of the surrounding matches with the car. Awesome!
  3. loving it! nice work. what wheels are those?
  4. I'm liking the progress, let us know how that wiring specialist work out.
  5. Kinda like my son english homework, must have a beggining, middle, and the end. Simple and Done! good work.
  6. She's Gorgeous,,,,,very well put. Congrats! I'm jealous. You're local to me, what wheels and size?
  7. Good job on the swap, looking good.
  8. If you're scared of detonation because your running lean, you should also be scared of cylinder walls getting wash because your running rich. Keep your AFR around 12 at boost and 14-15 AFR at idle. Out of boost, highway, city, 14-16AFR. Innovative LC1 don't they need to be calibrated to read correclty? What ways of boosting/driving when you're checking your plugs?
  9. 240z2nv- could you post a photo of that? I'm local to you, ill like to see what you got that i can have made. -thanks
  10. Awesome! What intake manifold did you use?
  11. It's a 76 280z. I got her with new body work and paint job. Fully rebuilt engine that i won't be using but i did put everything back and trace all the wires to get her started. The interior is work in progress for now as I find time, need to sell other projects to make few extra bucks and make room. I will diff be looking out on NissFest. Hope to get my Z interior done soon so i can at lest ride her before pulling it out. Keep up the good work!
  12. Awesome ride Man! i just got my Z several months ago, i have not have a chance to enjoy her yet. That BC coilover really put it down. And I too from the I.E.
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