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Dash cap options


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I'm looking at full caps. There are a few out there and I was hoping to get some feedback from people who have recently purchased.


So far I'm looking at these four sources










For all I know they are all the same cap just different suppliers. There is quite a price difference as well. From $92.00 to $159.00. Knowing what I do about thermo formed ABS the thicker the better. I'm open to other sources.




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It looked good for a little while but cracked again. I'm going to do a full cover and spray it with the SEM trim black. My main worries are the new cover warping because it's too thin.


They recommend putting adhesive only on the edges when you install. I guess this lets it float above the old dash. I would prefer to bond it all over but you run the risk of having the glue areas leave "witness lines" through the cover after it's painted.



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I just ordered one from Z car depot. I'll let you know my first impressions when it arrives.



I called Z car depot and he felt it was a lot less than 1/8". I then called Dashtop/Palco and they said it starts out at 1/8" and thins out in the deeper draw areas. It would be almost full thickness on the top section of the dash.


At this point I'm leaning that direction. It's a lot more money at $159.00 but if it is indeed thicker it's worth it to me. My car is a daily driver and sit's in the Florida sun all day.

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Sorry but I don't know the thickness. I think about 1/8th.


I live in sunny Southern California so I'm generous with Armorall. It really works.


I'm the original owner and the factory dash was good for over 20 ears with regular Armorall use.


I got mine form Motorsport Auto in Orange Ca. They are easy and good to deal with.


Good luck.

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Well my cap just arrived. I have to admit that I didn't even think about finding out about the thickness before purchasing, I just looked for the cheapest one. So, here's the review. I got what I paid for. It looks good but it's about three times as thick as a child's Halloween mask. The openings for the three center gauges are slightly oval-shaped. I may be able to work that out.




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Well I got the Palco cap in.

It's nice but the base material was 1/16" not 1/8" like they said. It seems to be well made but I'm not sure it's worth the extra money. 1/16" in the Florida sun will probably not stay flat. Time will tell.  


Plastic stretches when you vacuum form it. The deeper the draw the thinner it gets. The gauge pods are the deepest draw and they get down to 1/32". 


I wanted to take the time and do a proper job of installing it but now I may slap it on there. No sense killing myself if it's going to warp in 6 months.



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