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I'm new here and wanted to ask this first question. I have owned four 240's (three of them that I wish I still had) but ran across this hybrid by accident when looking for an 1970-ish Nova to work on with my son. We both like it ... me because it's partially a Z ... him because it has what appears to be a very nice small block V8 that he's excited to learn about. We are looking for a driver car just to tinker on as a way to spend father-son time together. I am a long way from the car and would have to fly out to take a look so I would value any opinions if this price is within a "range of reason" before I wasted the seller's time or a plane ticket out there.




Thank you,


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Thanks to both of you for your quick replies. He's sent me a ton of pictures and it is a stock but nice interior ... I would say a 7 to 8 which is the same as he rated the paint. He does say the tachometer does not work since the swap and the speedometer is not broken but no longer accurate. I am not an engine guy but it sounded to me like a lot of thought went into picking out every single component of the drive train. What I'm most impressed with is it seems like he's underselling the car ... quick to point out the flaws as well as the good points. Sometimes you just get a good gut feeling about a person. I don't know if it's a plus to you guys but A/C is a must-have down here (northern Alabama) unless you really enjoy sweating in 80% humidity. He told me about the lights but I forgot ... maybe they were off of a 260. One other factor is that they may fairly common out there but I doubt there is a V8 Z within several hundred miles of me in any direction ... especially this nice. Even at 57 years old I'm not above paying a premium for "cool points". I really appreciate the offer to go look at it and may take you up on it. I Again, I'm trying to find a good foundation that needs simple repairs or upgrades ... we will be learning as we go ... and this seems to be a good fit in that respect.


Here are two pictures of the interior. I don't get the piece of wood on the console ... if I remember my old ones correctly it would house the choke lever and something else ... rear defroster switch maybe?





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That block of wood looks like it is holding the shifter  in place. 


I would ask about it.


If it is holding the shifter in place, then it implies, to me,  that he took short cuts when he couldn't solve a problem correctly.  I would be inclined to start lifting rocks to see what is under them for a $16.5k car.

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The wood was in fact covering the cutouts but only 1/8 inch thick so I don't think it was holding the shifter in place.

I don't think that's the case but he's sending me pictures and I'll let you know. Before I even noticed it he said the shifter would be one of the first things that he would recommend I do if I bought the car. He used it to keep from cutting any new holes.


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