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280zx harness/ecu in 280z?

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So I haven't had a chance to look close at the harness for about a week, but am I incorrect in thinking the main difference is the connection to the combination switch (or lack thereof)  and the fusible link connections? Unfortunately I can't find any decent pictures of a complete zx harness to compare to.

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They changed the pins at the ECU in 1979.  Somewhere out there is an explicit instruction to never connect a ZX ECU to a Z harness, or vice-versa.


You can use the compete EFI system on an earlier engine.  But the harness alone won't transplant.  Maybe the ECU plus harness, plus some modifications to the fuel pump control.  But not a direct harness swap.


Use the 1980 EFI Guide if you want to study the differences.



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I guess it's time I give an update. I found the easiest way to get it working was to grab a 280zx fusible link block and hook the harness up through that. I'd like to say that it started right up after that, but it turns out my 280zx ecu was bad and half the injectors were always on, half were always off. Swapped the stock 280z harness/ecu back on and it started right up.

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Or....the wiring wasn't right.

Entirely possible. Main symptom that caused me to blame the ECU was that the rear 3 injectors were powered as long as battery power and the ecu were connected to the system. Other contributor to that was the associate I got the engine from said the engine last ran only on starting fluid and he didn't diagnose it, and that fits with what I experienced (essentially running on the cold start injector). 


Of course, I was not able to test another ECU or harness, so either could be at fault along with my wiring, which was ~6 connections, I'm pretty sure all of which go to +12v (and the coil connection)

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