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Looking for a wiring diagram to completely rewire the small block in my Z! Haven't had any luck with specifics or a good diagram so any help would be appreciated. Is a 70-74 350 small block. Just blew my starter (terminals off the battery were red hot after a nice cloud of smoke came out from under the hood), and I ran threw some of the wiring under the hood and it was horrible. Planning on ripping all the old wiring out completely as 95% of it isn't hooked up to anything at all. My headlights are already hooked up independently to a toggle switch and I was hoping to run the starter and ignition to a toggle as well. Any help is appreciated

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Two wires from the HEI(the cap itself is marked, or should be).  One is switched 12v when the car is on "Run" or "Start", the other is the Tach signal.


One wire each from Oil Pressure and Water Temp senders for the gauges.


Two wires to the starter.  One heavy +12v from the battery and a smaller wire that runs to the solenoid from the starter switch.


One or more heavy gauge ground wires should be attached to the block in some way.


Alternator might have one, two, or three wires depending on which type it is.




That is all assuming you have a carb'd SBC with an HEI.

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