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Wiring decision time...

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Sooooo... I recently plugged a 83 280ZXT engine into my '76 280z. The turbo engine didn't come with a MAF or ECU so I got those from a Z31 (connectors and 6" wire attached). Here's the question: which wiring harness should I use?


Should I buy a 280zxt harness? I've seen the guide to make these work with the Z31 ECU/MAF/CAS


Or, should I use the existing 280z harness and wire it into the Z31 ECU?


Other options?



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Hard to answer that question without knowing how good you are at wiring and electrical.  Your question about using a 280Z EFI harness on an L28ET with a Z31 MAF and ECU leads me to believe that either you're a wiring wizard - or...


The problem with all L28ET ECCS harnesses (and all the L28E EFI harnesses) is: AGE.  They're all pretty hammered - connectors crusty and oxidized, wire itself oxidized.  They were never really weather-proofed and the corrosion leads to faulty connections and oxidized wire leads to skewed sensor readings due to the added resistance.  Most people - myself and 98blackbell (tooquick260's Dad) (along with countless others) included - start with the stock or stock-ish ECCS harness, spend countless hours trying to find the problems it's causing or that pop up randomly AND THEN move on to the engine management system we should have installed in the first place.


Oh, I ran mine stock for years.  And it was a great learning experience - believe me...  But honestly, I wish I had all those hours back.  I wish I had put all those hours into a different ECU and management scheme from the start.


Getting back to your question (because I doubt someone is going to post: "Here's exactly how you do that! Step One:") Download the FSM's for both your 280Z and the 1982 280ZX, learn everything there is to know about the L28ET and it's ECCS.  Now learn all about the Z31 ECU and MAF and how to adapt the wiring between the 3 different models.  Read all the threads here on HybridZ about the swap, swap wiring, Z31 ECU adaptation...  Then get to work!  A turbo engine in these things is a blast!

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