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L28e Cylinder Head Options

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Need some help on what I should do to my 1978 280z.  I had to change the head gasket due to coolant leaking into the combustion.... When I sent the head to the machine shop for resurfacing they found that it was cracked near the exhaust valve on cylinder 3...  I read that this is common with the N47 heads.


I am looking for a replacement head and I found a P79.  I was considering buying the P79 head and resurface it along with a valve job.  Then I plan on getting new flat top pistons (0.020"-0.040" oversized) and replace the dished pistons I have in my current N42 Block and obviously I will have to bore out the block..


I currently have 2.5" exhaust, headers, K&N intake.  Is this the correct step I should take or should I look for N47 or N42 head instead?


I plan on using the stock cam.


Thanks in Advance

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p79 with flat tops , n47 n42 with dished. flat tops with the n42 is always debatable some people say its great but you have dial back timing . I have a n47 that was just rebuilt with a couple thousand miles on if interested . but if you have p79 already ... 

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