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Can't get glass out of quarter window 280Z

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I have the quarter window out but can't get the stainless steel frame to open up to remove the glass. I got the 4 screws at the front vertical portion and the 2 screws at the rear but nothing wants to break loose. The rubber is hard as a rock so I tried soaking it in hot water and soap overnight but still won't budge. Any tricks to getting it apart? I have all new rubber if I can get the frame to come apart. Thanks......


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We'll need pics.  The frame is in two pieces and there are 2 "L" shaped brackets in opposite corners.  Each bracket has one leg spotwelded to the frame and one leg with 2 screws in it.  The screws are relatively close together.  Make sure you got the screws out of the forward bracket (and not just the vertical trim piece) - usually they're covered with goo...   The brackets are steel and tend to rust and expand, that coupled with the hardening of the rubber can make disassembly difficult.


edit:  And...  I just noticed this is in a Z31 thread...

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post-53564-0-95330700-1479090221_thumb.jpgSorry, guess I didn't get my mouse over the correct forum. I did get the 2 screws out after removing the 4 screws. Total of 6 screws. The rear does have an insert that the 2 screws came out of. No rust anywhere, just really hard rubber. Wonder if the internal bracket at the rear slides out? 



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