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1jz mpg

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Depends on your gearing. If you got like a 3.1 rear end and used an R154 you would most likely be able to run highway speeds without being in boost, I think with a 3.7 rear end I sit around 2300rpm.


At that point you would be getting comparable mileage to an NA supra or IS300/sc300, but better since there is quite a bit less weight, but still probably low 20mpg figures. 


With PWM control, injector size really isn't a factor as it used to be where 1000cc injectors would get absolute dog turd mileage. 


Once you get into boost though you could empty your tank pretty quick. When I was shopping fuel pumps I was told to figure fuel usage at about 1 gallon/10hp. At 440hp you would need 44gph. That would drain a 16 gallon fuel cell in about 20 minutes, granted I don't know anywhere in the world you can be hard on the throttle for 20 minutes at a time.

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